Cell Based Assays

Invitrogen™ Molecular Probes™ Amplex™ Red Glutamic Acid/Glutamate Oxidase Assay Kit DFS Item

Simple method for detecting glutamic acid/glutamate oxidase activity

Promega™ CytoTox 96™ Nonradioactive Cytotoxicity Assay DFS Item

Colorimetric method for estimating the number of nonviable cells present in a sample

Molecular Probes™ CyQUANT™ Cell Proliferation Assay Kit, for cells in culture DFS Item

CyQUANT™ Cell Proliferation Assay Kit, for cells in culture

Promega™ CellTiter-Glo™ Luminescent Cell Viability Assay Kit DFS Item

Luminescent method for determining the number of viable cells in culture based on the amount of ATP present

Molecular Probes™ MTT (3-(4,5-Dimethylthiazol-2-yl)-2,5-Diphenyltetrazolium Bromide) DFS Item

MTT (3-(4,5-Dimethylthiazol-2-yl)-2,5-Diphenyltetrazolium Bromide)

Invitrogen™ Molecular Probes™ MycoFluor Mycoplasma Detection Kit DFS Item

Identify mycoplasma infection in cell cultures visually

Promega™ CellTiter-Blue™ Cell Viability Assays DFS Item

Homogeneous, fluorescent method for monitoring cell viability. Add a single reagent directly to cells cultured in serum-supplemented medium, incubate, and measure with a plate-reading fluorometer or spectrophotometer.

Promega™ CellTiter 96™ AQueous One Solution Cell Proliferation Assay (MTS) DFS Item

Determines the number of viable cells in proliferation, cytotoxicity, or chemosensitivity assays. Absorbance of the formazan product at 490nm can be measured from the assay plate and is directly proportional to the number of living cells in culture.

eBioscience™ Annexin V-FITC Apoptosis Detection Kit

Annexin V staining, paired with 7-AAD or PI is widely used to identify apoptotic stages by flow cytometry.

EMD Millipore Calbiochem™ GSH/GSSG Ratio Assay Kit

A spectrophotometric assay kit used for the measurement of reduced to oxidized glutathione ratio (GSH/GSSG) in biological samples.

Invitrogen™ Molecular Probes™ Vybrant™ MTT Cell Proliferation Assay Kit DFS Item

MTT Cell Proliferation Assay Kit simplifies the task of counting cells

Promega™ Caspase-Glo™ 3/7 Assay Kit DFS Item

Provides a homogeneous luminescent assay that measures Caspase-3/7 activities

Promega™ DeadEnd™ Fluorometric TUNEL System DFS Item

Detects and quantifies apoptotic cells within a cell population

Promega™ CellTiter 96™ AQueous Nonradioactive Cell Proliferation Assay Kit (MTS) DFS Item

Provides a colorimetric method for determining the number of viable cells in proliferation, cytotoxicity, or chemosensitivity assays

Promega™ CellTiter-Glo™ 2.0 Assay DFS Item

A luminescent cell viability assay for fast, easy, everyday use.

Promega™ CellTiter 96™ Nonradioactive Cell Proliferation Assay (MTT) DFS Item

Collection of reagents provides a convenient method of determining viable cell number in proliferation

Promega™ BacTiter-Glo™ Microbial Cell Viability Assay Kit DFS Item

Fast, homogeneous method for determining the number of viable microbial cells in culture based on quantitation of the ATP present

Promega™ Griess Reagent System DFS Item

Measures nitrite (NO2-), one of two primary stable and nonvolatile breakdown products of nitric oxide (NO)

eBioscience™ Annexin V Apoptosis Detection Kit FITC

Compatible with intracellular staining. Pre-titrated and tested on mouse thymocytes cultured overnight in medium (to induce apoptosis) or on Jurkat cells treated with 10 μM Camptothecin for 4 hours. Both the Annexin V FITC and the Propidium Iodide components can be used at 5μL per test

EMD Millipore Calbiochem™ Annexin V-FITC Apoptosis Detection Kit

Optimized for flow cytometry and fluorescence microscopy.

Invitrogen™ Molecular Probes™ FilmTracer™ LIVE/DEAD Biofilm Viability Kit DFS Item

Uses mixture of green fluorescent and red fluorescent stains

Gibco™ StemPro™ Adipogenesis Differentiation Kit DFS Item

StemPro™ Adipogenesis Differentiation Kit