Cleaning Supplies

Dynalon™ Stainless-Steel Sponge

Tough enough to scrub stainless steel, yet gentle on glass and hands.

EXPO™ Original White Board Eraser

Lightweight, reusable eraser.

Fisher Scientific™ Dust'It™ Blower

Powerful bulb duster forcibly blows away dust, lint and dirt with high-pressure, pinpoint jets of air.

Large-Sized Cellulose Sponge

Large size perfect for general cleaning chores.

Fisherbrand™ Super Friendly Air'It™ Aerosol Duster

Blows lint, dust and loose dirt away instantly

Fisherbrand™ Dust'it™ Air Duster

Powerful bulb duster forcibly blows away dust, lint and dirt

The Pill™ Autoclave Deodorizer

Neutralizes odors from autoclaving

OdorGone™ Autoclave Deodorizer

High concentration liquid deodorant in capsule form

Decon™ DeSCAL™ Concentrate

Acidic detergent designed to remove hard-water mineral deposits

Bel-Art™ SP Scienceware™ OdoClave™ Deodorant Autoclave Pads

Neutralize autoclave odors with a pleasant fragrance

Bel-Art™ SP Scienceware™ Cleanware™ Stainless-Steel Glassware Sponge/Scrubber

Cleans glassware and stainless steel without scratching

Decon™ Foot Operated Soap and Gel Dispenser

For use with Bacdown™ handsoap gel

Brady™ Thermal Transfer Printer Cleaning Kit

Prolong printer life and improve quality. The Brady™ Thermal Transfer Printer Cleaning Kit combats the dust and dirt that naturally gathers on printer heads.

Decon™ Jet Stream™ High-Pressure Dust Remover

Removes microscopic dust from laboratory equipment

Kimberly-Clark™ Professional Electronic Cassette Skin Care Dispenser

For use with Kleenex™ brand skin cleansers and hand sanitizers

Decon™ Bacdown™ Hand Soap Free-Pour Wall Dispenser

Pour Bacdown Hand Soap into top; dispense from bottom

BrandTech™ VACUU·LAN Mini-Network

Use for preventing cross-contamination

Fisherbrand™ Cellulose Sponge

Easy to handle in out-of-the-way corners

Freudenberg™ O'Cedar™ Scouring Pads, Scrubbers and Sponges

Scour away grease, grime and baked-on foods

Freudenberg™ DuoPress Wringer

Flat press to use with CE Bucket Trolley

Freudenberg™ 25L Longish Bucket With Color Coding Clips

For use on Controlled Environment Bucket Trolley or Pre-Prepared Trolley

Polyliners for Nilfisk™ GM 80 Vacuums

Polyliner collection bags for Nilfisk GM 80 series vacuums, 2-mil thickness

Replacement Parts for Nilfisk™ Vacuums

For use with Nilfisk-Advance Vacuums

Minuteman™ X829 Series HEPA Vacuums

Safe, easy-to-use vacuum for difficult dry and wet cleaning jobs

Rubbermaid™ WaveBrake™ High-Performance Mopping Systems

Mop bucket/wringer system reduces splashing for safer, more productive cleaning

Perfex™ TruCLEAN™ Sponge Mop

Designed specifically for use in clean room and sterile environments