Physics Apparatus

Index of Refraction Plate

An ideal prism to demonstrate the principles of the refractive index.

Whiteboard Optics Set

Set of equipment for ray optics and color experiments using magnetic-backed components — use on the included whiteboard or any installed steel whiteboard.

Newtonian Demonstrator

Illustrates Newton's Third Law of Motion and the principle of Conservation of Momentum.

Deluxe Reflection and Refraction Tank

Effectively demonstrates the laws of reflection and refraction.

Diatonic Scale Tuning Forks

Harmonious chords familiar to piano players!

American Educational Products Wind Turbine

Exciting kit for students to build and test a fully-functional wind turbine.

Color Paddles

Demonstrate color-mixing principles.

EISCO Newton's Color Disc

Rotating multicolored disc demonstrates that white light is composed of all the spectral colors.

Tuning Fork Activator

No-hands activator for tuning forks.

Inertia Apparatus

Known as ball and card mass force demonstrator.

Resonance Tube Kit

Demonstrate the principles of resonance

American Educational Products Roman Arch

Build a working model that actually supports your entire body weight.

Collapsing Can Demonstration

Good introduction to air pressure

Archimedes Balance Set

Determine the mass, volume and density of small solid objects or mineral specimens.

Science First™ Bottle Balancer

Demonstrates force and equilibrium.

Basic Inclined Plane

Designed specially for students.

GSC Intenational Graduated Resonance Tube

Choose GSC tubes for demonstrating resonance in the classroom.

Trebuchet Kits

Fun and functional.

Force Mechanism Trough

Demonstrates the effects of acceleration and gravity on a moving body.

Gyro Studies Lab Stool Kit

Unique lab stool has a turntable built into the seat.

American Educational Products Standard Equilibrium Tube

Demonstrate equilibrium with connected vessels.

American Educational Products Table Clamp with Pulley

Mounts on any edge up to 6cm thick.