Physics Apparatus

Elenco™ Helping Hands with Magnifying Glass

For soldering or making fine adjustments.

Diatonic Scale Tuning Forks

Harmonious chords familiar to piano players!

Bicycle Wheel Gyroscope and Rotating Platform

Bring gyroscopic forces to life.

Gauge Pressure Demonstration

Measure atmospheric pressure as well as clarify the distinction between gauge pressure and absolute pressure

Linked Springs, Series and Parallel

Combine springs to investigate Hooke's Law.

Pulleys in Motion

Kit contains everything needed to teach the mechanical principles of pulleys to an entire class.

Incredible Ice-Melting Blocks

Demonstrate heat conductives with these two blocks

3B Scientific™ Resonance Bowl

Unique, historic way to demonstrate standing waves

Simple Machines Kit

Ideal for mechanics and simple machines experiments!

K'NEX Education™ Motor Pack

Perfect additions for any K'NEX™ set. Add more excitement to your models with the K'NEX Battery Motor Pack.

Newtonian Demonstrator

Illustrates Newton's Third Law of Motion and the principle of Conservation of Momentum.

Simple Form Truss

Demonstrate and quantify the effect of force.

Diffraction Viewing Glasses

See the spectrum with these “specs.”

Rolling Friction Cars

Shows how different materials experience friction or rolling resistance.

Accent Science: Gravity Investigations

Three experiments benchmarked for science literacy and National Science Education Standards.

American Educational Products Tandem Pulleys

Double and triple tandem pulleys in durable nickel/steel frames.

Unbreakable Mirrors

Acrylic mirrors that will not break.

EISCO Uniform Motion Vehicle

Designed to aid in exploration of concepts like Newton’s laws, linear motion, constant velocity.

Newtonian Demonstrator

Designed with the utmost sturdiness and appearance.

DiscoveryKits™ Pulleys

For classroom activities.

Polarizing Film

Demonstrate that light is a transverse wave.

EISCO Boxed Set of Prisms

Variety of shapes for different demonstrations.

Deluxe Reflection and Refraction Tank

Effectively demonstrates the laws of reflection and refraction.