Models and Model Making

3B Scientific™ 2-Part Larynx Model

Divided into two halves

3B Scientific™ Muscle Torso with Head

27-part model of the major muscles.

Dimensional Man

Life-size and three-dimensional.

EISCO Plant Dicot Leaf Model

Allows students to examine the incredibly complex anatomical structures and interconnections in plant leaves.

Model Plus Plant Cell

Help your students learn more about cell structure and function, osmosis, photosynthesis, pigments and more.

Human Anatomy Activity Model

Take a guided educational tour of the body.

Giant Dicot Flower

Explore the inner workings of plant life with this giant dicot flower.

Fisher Science Education Two-stroke Gas Engine Model

Shows the internal structure and operating principles of an air cooled two-stroke engine.

Periodic Round Table

Symmetrical, three-dimensional model is based on the electronic configuration of atoms

Model Plus The Atom

Illustrates latest scientific discovery to students.

3B Scientific™ Adult Human Skeleton

Premier line of skeletal models offers educators medical-grade quality.

29-Series Pop Beads

Create models of DNA strand, DNA replication, RNA conversion, cell organelles, ribosomes, mitochondria and a nucleus.

Fisher Science Education Wankel Rotary Engine Model

Shows the internal structure and operating principles of a Wankel engine.

3B Scientific™ Nervous System

This nervous system relief model shows a schematic representation of the central and peripheral nervous system.

3B Scientific™ Plant Cell Model

Magnified 500,000 to 1,000,000 times.

3B Scientific™ School Torso with Head, 14-Part

Teach anatomy in great detail.

EISCO Model Human Testis

Model of human testis showing all details.

3B Scientific™ Heart, Full-Size, 7-Part

This high quality model clearly shows over 30 different anatomical regions in the heart. Comes with product manual for easy identification of anatomical features.

EISCO Human Embryo Model, 4 weeks old

Magnified approximately 50 times this model shows the early stages of human development.

3B Scientific™ Base of Head with Vascular Brain

This C25 deluxe brain comes with opened head to allow detailed study of the brain's position in the skull. The human head is horizontally divided above the skull base.

3B Scientific™ Enlarged Ear, Four-Part

The complex functions of the ear exposed.

3B Scientific™ Sinanthropus Skull

Representation of early man.

EISCO Model Human Lung Right

Dissectable into 2 parts showing all the important parts.

3B Scientific™ Mini Vertebral Column

Model with squama occipitalis and pelvis.

3B Scientific™ Half of Head and Neck

See both internal and external features.

Human Ear Models

Available enlarged two, four or five times.

Molecular Model Organic Structure Set

Organic structure model set allows you to clearly illustrate the significance of chemical formulas.

Styrofoam Balls

Low-cost alternative to wood molecular model kits.