Models and Model Making

3B Scientific™ Foot Skeleton Model with Ligaments

Displays numerous important ligaments and tendons including the Achilles and peroneus longus tendons

Lab-Aids™ Molecular Model of DNA and its Replication

Construct a double helix of the DNA molecule. Lab-Aids Molecular Model of DNA and its Replication is a basic introduction to the double helix model of DNA using simple components developed exclusively by Lab-Aids™.

3B Scientific™ Six-Part Female Pelvis Model with Ligaments

Detailed information about the topography of bones, ligaments, vessels, nerves, pelvic floor muscles, and female pelvic organs

3B Scientific™ Four-Part Female Pelvis with Ligaments

Detailed information about the topography of bones, ligaments, pelvic floor muscles, and female pelvic organs

Bone Structure Model

Microscopic detail enlarged for ease of use

3B Scientific™ Three-Part Female Pelvis with Ligaments

Represents an original cast of a bony female pelvis, which shows all details of anatomical structures

3B Scientific™ La Chapelle aux Saints Skull

Replica of a Neanderthal from ancient Europe.

3B Scientific™ Beauchene 22-Part Adult Human Skull Model

Can be disassembled into 22 individual bones.

EISCO Human Knee Joint Model

Human knee joint.

Introductory Models and Chart

Chemistry introduction using three-dimensional models!

3B Scientific™ School Torso with Head, 14-Part

Teach anatomy in great detail.

Learning Resources Soft Foam Cross-Section Eye Model

Open up nature for inner exploration.

3B Scientific™ Median Section of the Head and Neck

Sectioned view aids in learning structure location.

3B Scientific™ Cherry Blossom Model with Fruit

Three-part model shows the blossom of the sweet cherry (Prunus avium) enlarged seven times.

3B Scientific™ Muscular Anatomy Model, 45-Part Master Series

Models the human muscular system, vessels, nerves and partly dissectible organs.

EISCO Dicot (Pea) Germination Specimen

Display mount shows dicot plant germination and development.

EISCO Human Life size Male Muscular Torso Dissectable Model, 36 Parts

Shows deep and superficial musculature in detail.

3B Scientific™ Pea (Pisum sativum) Model

Detailed model detaches into 12 components.

3B Scientific™ Cro Magnon Skull

Representative of ice-age human.

Model Plus Plant Cell

Help your students learn more about cell structure and function, osmosis, photosynthesis, pigments and more.

EISCO Model Standing Urinary

3D model of male urinary system and its blood supply is free standing, enabling study from all aspects.

3B Scientific™ Didactic Flexible Spine Model

Use this spinal column replica for simplified patient education or for anatomy lessons in a classroom environment.

Eisco™ Half-Size Torso Model With Dissectable Head, 11 Parts

This smaller version of a torso model is a great economical study tool for anatomy and physiology. 

EISCO Disarticulated Skeleton Model

For students examining human skeleton.

EISCO Model Human Circulatory System, Half Life Size

A detailed representation of the human circulatory system in one-half scale.

Human Anatomy Activity Model

Take a guided educational tour of the body.

3B Scientific™ Life-Size Plastic Skulls

Three-part, life-size replica cast from the skull bones of an adult male.

American Educational Products Flower Model Activity Set

Dicot flower anatomy with activities.