Labconco Corporation

Labconco Corp TUBE 50ML PP BULK 500PK DFS Item

50-101-569 TUBE 50ML PP BULK 500PK

Ethanol, SIS Formula A-1, 200 Proof, PHARMCO-AAPER™

CAS: 64-17-5 CAS: 67-63-0 CAS: 67-56-1 CAS: 108-10-1 Physical Form: Liquid Molecular Formula: C2H6O Formula Weight: 46.07 Synonym: Denatured Ethanol, Ethanol denatured with Methanol, Isopropanol and MIBK, Special Industrial Solvent Formula A-1, 200 Proof

Labconco™ LabSolutions™ Low-Foaming Liquid Detergent

Removes a wide range of contaminants

Labconco™ Stainless Steel Laboratory Cart

Holds a variety of lab supplies, equipment and containers

Labconco™ FlaskScrubber™ Vantage™ Glassware Washer Green Product

Ideal for college and university, government, pharmaceutical, and industrial labs or any facility utilizing reusable glassware, Labconco FlaskScrubber Vantage washers provide thorough, efficient, and economical cleaning that meets demanding laboratory standards

Labconco™ Chemical Cart

Labconco Chemical Cart is designed with two open shelves with rigid PVC extruded sides to help you keep chemicals from fall off while transporting them.

Labconco™ Bulk Tube Insert

For FlaskScrubber™ and SteamScrubber™ glassware washers

Labconco™ FlaskScrubber™ and SteamScrubber™ Utensil Basket

Holds stoppers, spatulas and other small, lightweight items

Labconco™ Precise™ Controlled Atmosphere Glove Boxes

Provide leak-tight environment for contamination-sensitive materials

Labconco™ Washer Racks

For use with Labconco FlaskScrubber™ and SteamScrubber™ Washers

Labconco™ SteamScrubber™ Labware Inserts

Hold a variety of wider-mouth flasks, beakers and other labware in inverted position

Fisherbrand™ Laboratory Carts and Tables

Fisherbrand Laboratory Carts offer versatile choices for holding or transporting a variety of lab supplies, equipment and containers.

Labconco™ FreeZone™ 2.5L −50°C Benchtop Freeze Dryers, 115V US Models

FreeZone Benchtop Freeze Dryers are designed for lyophilizing light to moderate sample loads. The compact design is ideal for labs with limited floor space. New Lyo-Works™ OS provides flexibility and convenience in an easy-to-use, touch screen display.

Labconco™ Paramount™ Ductless Enclosure: 2 ft. Wide Green Product

Rid your laboratory of annoying or unsafe concentrations of organic solvents, formaldehyde, acid gases, ammonia, or radioisotopes with a Labconco Paramount Ductless Enclosure. This is a self-contained work station, also known as a ductless fume hood, that requires no ducting so they it can be moved from lab to lab.

Labconco™ FlaskScrubber™ Glassware Washer

Provide thorough, efficient, and economical cleaning that meets demanding laboratory standards by outfitting your lab with a Labconco FlaskScrubber™ Glassware Washer.

Labconco™ Biological Safety Cabinet/Laboratory Cart Accessory, Logic Cart

Labconco Logic Cart is specifically designed to provide convenient storage of supplies commonly used in biological safety cabinets.

Labconco™ Instrument Cart/Desk

Labconco Laboratory Carts fit in every lab. This versatile cart has endless uses from transporting equipment and supplies to providing auxiliary bench space.

Labconco™ Digital Chloridometer: Chloride Standard

For use with Labconco Digital Chloridometer

Labconco™ LabSolutions™ Powder Detergent

Removes grease, blood, agar, protein digestates, and other contaminants

Labconco™ Carboy Caddy Laboratory Cart

Provide your workers with easy mobility when moving carboys around a lab environment with the versative Labconco Carboy Caddy Laboratory Cart.

Labconco™ 8-Port Manifold; for FreeZone Freeze Dryers

Stainless steel manifold for use with FreeZone™ Freeze Dryers includes neoprene valves with plastic knobs.

Labconco™ 5 Ft. Protector™ Premier™ Laboratory Hood

Choose a Labconco Protector™ Premier™ Laboratory Hood to outfit your lab when working with general chemistry applications.

Labconco™ Kjeldahl Digestion Unit

Two-place Benchtop Kjeldahl Digestion Apparatus

Labconco™ LabSolutions™ Neutralizing Acid Rinse

Mild acid corrects pH, reducing alkaline detergent residue

Labconco™ Dry Ice Freeze Dry Systems

Ideal for labs with occasional lyophilization needs.

Labconco™ Mobile Bench

Heavy-duty auxiliary bench moves freely from lab to lab

Labconco™ Rotary Vane Vacuum Pumps

Designed for use with Labconco Freeze-dry Systems—compact size easily fits into freeze-dry system cabinets

Labconco™ Pan Cart

Holds a wide variety of general lab equipment