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Thermo Scientific™ VISIONlite™ Spectrophotometer Software

Measure, analyze and export data quickly and easily using Thermo Scientific™ VISIONlite™ software.

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VISIONlite 5 Software Each for $1,191.89


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Description & Specifications

Measure, analyze and export data quickly and easily using Thermo Scientific™ VISIONlite™ software. Designed for use with Thermo Scientific™ stand-alone visible and UV-visible spectrophotometers, user-friendly VISIONlite Software provides you with everything you need to acquire fast and accurate results.

VISIONlite 5 software expands the capability of your instrument by offering method and data storage for these Thermo Scientific™ Spectrophotometers:

SPECTRONIC™ 200 Spectrophotometer

GENESYS™ 20 Visible Spectrophotometer

GENESYS™ 10S UV-Visible and Visible Spectrophotometers

Evolution 60S Spectrophotometer

Evolution 300 Spectrophotometer

VISIONlite 5 Software increases the capability of your instrument:

  • Add method and data storage for SPECTRONIC 200 Spectrophotometer and GENESYS 20 Visible Spectrophotometer.
  • Report results to 0.5nm wavelength resolution and 0.001A for SPECTRONIC 200 Spectrophotometer.
  • Perform automated kinetics measurements on SPECTRONIC 200 Spectrophotometer and GENESYS 20 Visible Spectrophotometer.
  • Scan on GENESYS 20 Visible Spectrophotometer.
  • Produce formatted reports in hard  copy or pdf format.

Thermo Scientific™ VISIONlite™ ColorCalc software turns your spectrophotometer into a color analyzer, offering calculations for the most commonly recognized and applied color standards:

  • The Basic package offers all the most common colorspaces, illuminants and observer angles.
  • The Advanced package offers specialized calculations for yellowness, pharmaceuticals and quality control in wine production.

A serial cable is required to connect your computer to the spectrophotometer:  

  • SPECTRONIC 200E, GENESYS 10S, BioMate 3s and Evolution 60S instruments require standard USB cable (supplied with all these instruments except SPECTRONIC 200E)
  • GENESYS 20 instruments require an RS-232 serial cable with DB-9 connector.  
  • Evolution 300 instruments require an RS-232 serial cable with a null-modem DB-9 connector.

Your computer may require an additional USB to DB-9 converter cable in order to connect to the RS-232 DB-9 cable.