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Thermo Scientific™ Pierce™ Reversible Protein Stain Kits for Membranes

Reversibly stain proteins on nitrocellulose or PVDF membrane after transfer from polyacrylamide gels with this sensitive Ponceau S alternative.

Manufacturer:  Thermo Scientific™ PI24585

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Catalog No. PI24585



Thermo Scientific™ Pierce Reversible Protein Stain Kits for Membranes are rapid and sensitive alternatives to Ponceau S stain for reversible detection of protein bands on nitrocellulose membrane or PVDF membrane after transfer from polyacrylamide gels.

These kits for membrane-staining use a nondestructive, reversible, reliable and sensitive method to stain and detect proteins on nitrocellulose and PVDF membranes. These Pierce Kits are superior alternatives to Ponceau S stains for evaluating the efficiency of protein transfer following SDS-PAGE and before immunoblotting. The lower limit of detection with this method is 25 to 50ng per band (at least five times more sensitive than traditional Ponceau S staining). The staining protocols are simple, quick and result in turquoise-blue bands that do not fade and are easily photographed for future reference. The stain can be easily reversed in less than 15 minutes. Subsequent Western blot detection is unaffected because the stain does not alter the protein and is completely removed. Separate kits for nitrocellulose and PVDF membranes use the same dye-binding mechanism but differ in the stain formulation and membrane-treatment components to optimize the speed and performance with each type of membrane.


  • Better than Ponceau S – more sensitive, easier to document, permanent until reversed (does not fade)

  • Sensitive – high-avidity, total-protein stain; lower limit of detection equals 25 to 50ng per band

  • Specific – detects only protein; does not bind or interact with other electrophoresis or sample components

  • Rapid – stain in less than 5 minutes (nitrocellulose kit) or 30 minutes (PVDF kit); completely erase and reverse staining in less than 15 minutes

  • Stable – components are stable at room temperature, saving refrigerator space and eliminating equilibration steps


Reversible protein stain, destain and eraser solutions; PVDF kit also contains a sensitizer solution



Pierce Reversible Protein Stain Kit for PVDF Membranes
Stain Eraser, 250mL, Destain, 1L, Sensitizer, 250mL, Reversible Stain, 250mL
10 PVDF membranes (8cm x 8cm) from mini gels (SDS-PAGE)
Proprietary solutions
1.75mL Kit