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Invitrogen™ OxyBURST™ Green H2DCFDA, SE DFS Item

Amine-reactive assay reagent

Supplier:  Invitrogen™ D2935

Catalog No. D2935



OxyBURST™ Green H2DCFDA succinimidyl ester (2',7'-dichlorodihydrofluorescein diacetate, SE) can be used to prepare oxidation-sensitive conjugates of wide variety of biomolecules and particles, including antibodies, antigens, peptides, proteins, dextrans, bacteria, yeast and polystyrene microspheres. Following conjugation to amines, two acetates of OxyBURST™ Green H2DCFDA can be removed by treatment with hydroxylamine at neutral pH to yield dihydrofluorescein conjugate. OxyBURST™ Green H2DCFDA conjugates are nonfluorescent until they are oxidized to corresponding fluorescein derivatives.

  • Ex/Em: approx. 492 - 495/517–527nm
  • Product is air sensitive (store under dry argon or nitrogen)
  • Product may be dissolved in DMSO, DMF, or ethanol for use
  • Indicator is cell permeant
  • Fluorescence can be monitored using a flow cytometer, fluorometer, microplate reader, or fluorescence microscope, using excitation sources and filters appropriate for fluorescein

Refer to the Molecular Probes™ Handbook for additional product information.

Cell Analysis, Cell Metabolism, Cell Viability, Proliferation and Function, Endocytosis, Exocytosis and Phagocytosis, Nitro-Oxidative Stress, Reactive Oxygen Species

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For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.