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Invitrogen™ Terrific Broth DFS Item

Terrific Broth is a nutritionally rich bacterial medium for higher density growth and maintenance of recombinant E. coli strains.

Supplier:  Invitrogen™ 22711022

Catalog No. 22711022



Terrific Broth is a nutritionally rich bacterial medium for higher density growth and maintenance of recombinant  E. coli strains. This medium contains increased concentrations of peptone, yeast extract, and glycerol as a carbon source and can be used for nearly all research applications that require a liquid bacterial culturing step such as protein expression, cloning, and expansion.

Terrific Broth was specifically developed to achieve higher plasmid DNA yield from E. coli and can yield 4–7 times more DNA from pUC-based vectors compared to LB medium. This versatle medium is also useful for processing a large number of different clones from smaller cultures.

Terrific Broth formulation
Terrific Broth contains a higher concentration of yeast extract compared to other media and offers better buffering capacity due higher salt concentrations. The inclusion of glycerol has a further stabilizing effect on recombinant proteins.

Formulation per liter:
• 11.8 g SELECT Peptone 140
• 23.6 g Yeast Extract
• 9.4 g dipotassium hydrogen phosphate
• 2.2 g potassium dihydrogen phosphate

Note: to prepare 1 L of TB media, add 47 g of dehydrated culture medium to 900 mL of distilled water. Add 4 mL of glycerol (not provided), mix well and add distilled water to 1L. Adjust the pH value to 7.2 with HCl and NaOH and sterilize by autoclaving for at least 15 minutes at 121°C.

Primary applications
• Growth of E. coli strains to achieve higher plasmid yield
• Expression of recombinant proteins using bacteria

Find the media format that fits your needs
• We offer other ready-to-use media formulations, such as LB Broth (Cat. No. 10855021), Terrific Broth (Cat. No. A1374301) or S.O.C recovery medium (Cat. No. 15544034).
• UltraPure Glycerol (Cat. No. 15514011) is available for cell culture.

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Shipping Condition: Room Temperature



Escherichia coli
Room Temperature
• Terrific Broth Powder (500 g)

Store at room temperature.

Dehydrated Culture Media
500 g




For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.