Chemistry Classroom Teacher Resources

Innovating Science™ Colored Periodic Tables

Colors help distinguish between families and types.

Daily Warm-Ups

Jump-start learning with these quick, engaging activities.

Student Molecular Model Set

A student version of this timeless learning tool.

Contemporary Chemistry

From essential chemical concepts and ideas to the importance of chemistry in daily life.

Curriculum Mastery™ Games

Comprehensive coverage of the current National Science Education Standards.

American Educational Products Periodic Table in Earth and Sky

Laminated chart features 117 clear photos.

American Educational Products Molecular Model Kits for Organic Chemistry

Hands-on modeling of organic chemistry compounds.

McGraw-Hill Dictionaries of Science

The most comprehensive and current science dictionaries for the classroom.

NewPath Learning™ Physical Science Curriculum Mastery Game

Combine Game-Based Learning with Online Resources for Engaging Review and Reinforcement

Atomic Models Set

Visualize the structure of atoms and their respective components.

3B Scientific™ Biochemistry Molecular Model Kit

Compact/semi-space-filling models feature the “mushroom style” hydrogen atom-link part.

Easy Science Demos & Labs Series

Great, inexpensive demonstrations for science laboratories.

NewPath Learning™ Chemistry Curriculum Mastery Game

Combine Game-Based Learning with Online Resources for Engaging Review and Reinforcement

Styrofoam Balls

Low-cost alternative to wood molecular model kits.

Fisher Science Education™ Periodic Table of Elements Poster

Offers a large format and easy-to-use display.

Super Models

Observe the properties of various compounds.

Christensen Education Molecular Model Organic Structure Set

Organic structure model set allows you to clearly illustrate the significance of chemical formulas.

Christensen Education Wooden Molecular Model Building Kit: Replacement Parts

Replacement parts for Wooden Molecular Model Building Kit (cat. no. S44051)

Modeling Proteins, Fats and Carbohydrates

Create 3-D models of amino acids, fatty acids and monosaccharides.

3B Scientific™ Molecular Shapes: Electron Repulsion Theory

Contains sufficient parts to make eight atomic models.

Chemistry of Water Model Set

Illustrate the chemistry of water with this detailed model.

Mastering the Periodic Table

Make learning the elements fun with crossword puzzles, mazes and more.

Periodic Round Table

Symmetrical, three-dimensional model is based on the electronic configuration of atoms

Colorful Periodic Chart

Shows essential element information clearly and colorfully.

Bel-Art™ SP Scienceware™ Right-to-Know, Safety-Vented Wash Bottles with GHS Labeling

Specially designed valve prevents pressure build-up, which eliminates potentially dangerous chemical drips; allows dispensing of wash bottle in upright or inverted position.

Crystal Models

Durable, permanently bonded crystalline models.

EISCO Student Basic Organic Chemistry Molecular Model Sets

Let students visualize three-dimensional molecule structures and understand molecular formulas.

While You Were Out Series

Never leave your substitute high and dry again.