Fisher Scientific™ Min./Max. Thermometer

A safe alternative to glass thermometers.

Fisher Science Education™ Remote Alarm RH/Temperature Monitor

Shows the exact air conditions in labs, hoods, cleanrooms, coolers, stockrooms, incubators, environmental chambers and chemical storage areas. Fisher Science Education Remote Alarm RH/Temperature Monitor is ideal for routine measurements, round-the-clock monitoring, all quality-control needs and critical experimental requirements.

Fisher Science Education™ Durac™ Plus™ Thermometers

Ideal for use in applications in which a very precise, accurate temperature measurement is required.

Fisher Scientific™ Refrigerator/Freezer Thermometer

Insulated sensors protect against rapid temperature changes. Fisher Scientific Refrigerator/Freezer Thermometers accurately monitor temperatures in freezers, water baths, heating blocks, incubators and refrigerators with bottle-enclosed “temperature buffered” sensor.

Soil Thermometer, 32cm

Take the guesswork out of planting

Fisher Scientific™ Traceable™ Digital-Bottle™ Refrigerator/Freezer Thermometers

Accurately monitor temperature in freezers, refrigerators, incubators and environmental chambers with this temperature-buffered sensor.

Micro Thermometers

Perfect for use with microscale setups.

Probe Cap

Prevent spillage and accidents in the lab.

H-B™ Double-Safe™ PFA Safety Coated, Liquid-In-Glass Thermometers

Protect your workplace and ensure a safe environment.

Fisher Scientific™ Traceable™ Hi-Accuracy 0.1° Refrigerator Thermometer

For monitoring temperatures in refrigerator and freezer simultaneously or two refrigerator locations. Fisher Scientific Traceable Hi-Accuracy Refrigerator Thermometer permits user one-button self-calibration which reads to 0.01° while simultaneously monitoring temperatures in refrigerator and freezer.

H-B Instrument™ Durac™ Bi-Metallic Dial Thermometers

Features 1/2 in. NPT threaded connection and polycarbonate lens.

Fisher Scientific™ Traceable™ Extra-Extra-Long-Probe Waterproof Thermometer

20 in. probe for hard-to-reach deep vessels. Fisher Scientific Traceable Extra-Extra-Long-Probe Waterproof Thermometer is ideal for use in large beakers, flasks, vats, pails and drums.

Fisher Scientific™ Infrared Thermometer Gun

Unique design permits “point and shoot” readings. Fisher Scientific Infrared Thermometer Gun takes instant, less-than-a-second temperature readings of any surface.

Fisher Science Education™ Laboratory Grade Spirit Thermometers

Check up to five results to perform an action.

Sper Scientific™ IR Thermometers

Serve a wide variety of temperature monitoring functions.

H-B Instrument™ Durac™ Aquarium Thermometer, Range: 32° to 122°F

For reading temperature in submersed aquarium.

Fisher Scientific™ Traceable™ Dual Thermometer with Min/Max and Time/Date

Temperature of the two different probes is displayed in both Celsius and Fahrenheit. Fisher Scientific Traceable Dual Thermometer displays date and time when minimum and maximum temperatures occur.

Fisher Science Education™ Traceable™ Extreme-Accuracy Standards Thermometer

Provides the exact readings required for critical requirements, quality control checks and routine measurements. Fisher Science Education Traceable Extreme-Accuracy Standards Thermometers are ideal for measuring temperatures in water baths, cuvets, gas systems, reagents, standards solutions, ovens, incubators, pharmaceuticals, petroleum products, foods and wastewater.

H-B™ Instrument Easy-Read™ Individually Calibrated Liquid-In-Glass Thermometers

Individual Calibration Report as needed for many standard operating procedures.

Fisher Scientific™ Traceable™ Workhorse™ Thermometer

High-accuracy meter. Fisher Scientific Traceable Workhorse Thermometer offers sharp readout in dim or bright light and covers a wide temperature range. It is also compatible with all Type-K probes.

Fisher Scientific™ T-Shaped Digital Thermometer

Stainless-steel probe with protective probe cover.

Fisher Scientific™ Traceable™ Hi-Accuracy Refrigerator Thermometer with Min/Max Readings

Stores in memory and displays minimum/maximum readings for last 24 hours (each hour), seven days (each day) and 30 days (each day). Fisher Scientific Traceable Hi-Accuracy Refrigerator Thermometers include visual LEDs and audible alarms which signal continuously even if temperature returns to non-alarm range.

Fisher Science Education™ Student Grade Spirit Thermometers

Check up to five results to perform an action.

H-B™ Enviro-Safe™ General Purpose Liquid-In-Glass Thermometers

Certified environmentally safe thermometers replace dangerous mercury.

FRIO-Temp™ Glass Thermometers: Blue Organic Liquid Filled

Ideal for use in freezers, refrigerators, incubators, ovens and blood banks.