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Gibco™ TGFB1 Recombinant Human Protein DFS Item

TGFB1 Recombinant Human Protein

Manufacturer:  Gibco™ LSPHG9202

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Catalog No. PHG9202



Recombinant Human Transforming Growth Factor β 1 (TGFB1) is a bioactive protein intended for use in cell culture applications. TGFB1 is a multifunctional peptide that controls proliferation, differentiation, and other functions in many cell types. TGFB1 acts synergistically with TGF-α in inducing transformation. It also acts as a negative autocrine growth factor. Dysregulation of TGFB1 activation and signaling may result in apoptosis.

  • High purity—no interference from other proteins or contaminants
  • High biological activity—more results with less protein
  • Proven compatibility—Gibco™ proteins bioassayed with Gibco™ media

    High Purity Recombinant Bioactive Protein
    Recombinant Human Transforming Growth Factor β 1 is one of our more than 250 available Gibco™ recombinant proteins. To help ensure Gibco™ growth factors are of the highest quality, each protein is analyzed for purity along with structural homogeneity to ensure a biologically active protein.

    High Biological Activity
    In-house activity testing of Gibco™ Recombinant Proteins includes cell proliferation, cytotoxicity, chemotaxis, calcium flux, secondary cytokine up-regulation, induction of surface antigen expression, antiviral, and protease assays. Recombinant Human Transforming Growth Factor β 1 (TGFB1) specific activity is determined by measuring the TGFB1 dose-dependent inhibition of proliferation of mouse HT-2 cells stimulated with mouse IL-4.

    Proven Compatibility
    Gibco™ proteins are bioassayed with Gibco™ media. Since 1962, Gibco™ has been the consistent provider of high quality media, reagents, and sera for reliable cell culture.

    See our selection of recombinant Gibco™ growth factors.

    For Research Use Only. Not intended for animal or human diagnostic or therapeutic use.
  • Specifications


    Mammalian cell culture
    Sequential chromatography
    For research use only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures
    TGFs (transforming growth factors)
    TGFB1 Recombinant Human Protein
    Growth factors and receptors
    TGFB1 Recombinant Human Protein
    98% by SDS-PAGE
    This lyophilized preparation is stable at 2 to 8°C, but should be kept at –20°C for long term storage, preferably desiccated. Store the reconstituted TGF-β1 at 2 to 8°C for up to one week. For long term storage, the reconstituted TGF-β1 should be apportioned into working aliquots and stored at ≤–20°C. Keep freeze-thaw cycles to a minimum
    1 Each
    Cell culture
    TGFB1 Recombinant Human Protein

    For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.