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Alfa Aesar™ Sodium chloride, crystalline powder PDV, 99+%

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Chemical Identifiers

Chemical Name or Material Sodium chloride
CAS 7647-14-5
Molecular Formula NaCl
Formula Weight 58.44
MDL Number MFCD00003477
Merck Index 14,8599
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alfa aesar™
1000g Each for $37.97
Description & Specifications


Physical Form Crystalline Powder Pdv
Formula Weight 58.44
Quantity 1000g
Chemical Name or Material Sodium chloride
Odor Odorless
CAS 7647-14-5
RTECS Number VZ4725000
Merck Index 14,8599
Molecular Formula NaCl
pH 6 to 9
Assay ≥99%
MDL Number MFCD00003477
Boiling Point 1413°C
Melting Point 801°C

Sodium chloride is widely used as a food additive, and a preservative. It is employed in the Chloralkali process for producing chlorine and sodium hydroxide, in the Solvay process for producing sodium carbonate and calcium chloride, in the Mannheim process and in the Hargreaves process for producing sodium sulfate and hydrochloric acid. It is used in the manufacture of sodium chlorate, water softening and de-icing of roadways. Further it is used in several industries like pharmaceutical, textile, dyeing, rubber food and agriculture. It is used in the processing of steel, copper, vanadium, and other metals.

Freely soluble in water. Slightly soluble in alcohol and ammonia.

It is sensitive to moisture in air. It should be protected in an air tight container.