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Promega™ SGK1 Kinase Enzyme System DFS Item

Optimized for use with ADP-Glo™ Kinase Assay to measure the activity of human SGK1 kinase

$588.50 - $588.50


Molecular Weight 73
Storage Requirements -20° to -70°C
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Includes:  SGK1 Kinase Assay:
  • Kinase: Recombinant Human SGK1, 10μg (amino acids 60 to end), MW: ≅73kDa
  • Substrate: Akt (PKB) substrate (CKRPRAASFAE)
  • Other: Reaction Buffer, DTT
ADP-Glo Kinase Assay: Reagent, buffer, substrate, Ultra Pure ATP (10mM), ADP (10mM)
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DFS Item
For both primary screening as well as Kinase selectivity profiling, promotes cell survival by Phosphorylating and inactivating FKHRL1 10μg Each for $588.50
Description & Specifications


Molecular Weight 73
Storage Requirements -20° to -70°C

SGK1 is a member of the serum- and glucocorticoid-induced protein kinase family that is activated in vitro by 3-phosphoinositide-dependent protein kinase-1 (PDK1) and in vivo in response to signals that activate phosphatidylinositol (PI) 3-kinase. SGK1 mRNA is expressed in all tissues, and the level of SGK1 mRNA is increased by stimulation with serum or dexamethasone.

ADP-Glo Kinase Assay:

  • Luminescent assay that measures ADP formed from a kinase reaction
  • ADP is converted into ATP, which is a substrate in a reaction catalyzed by Ultra-Glo™ Luciferase that produces light
  • Luminescent signal positively correlates with ADP amount and kinase activity

Upon receipt, centrifuge the kinase and dispense it into smaller quantities.

ADP-Glo Kinase Assay: For both primary screening as well as kinase selectivity profiling