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Plastic Embedments, Plant Kingdom

Encased in clear acrylic for years of use.

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fisher science education
Each for $223.10
Description & Specifications

Two special basic sets of 12 selected specimens in crystal-clear acrylic circular blocks, 64mm diameter each, packed in a convenient carrying case. Each block contains a descriptive label embedded with specimen. Specimens may be viewed from every angle and may also be viewed under a dissecting microscope.

Plant Kingdom, Part I
Set includes one each of the following:
1. Blue-green algae, Nostoc
2. Green algae, Codium
3. Brown algae, Fucus
4. Red algae, Chondrus
5. Bracket fungus, Polyporus or Fomes
6. Mushroom, Coprinus
7. Lichen, Cladonia
8. Moss, Sphagnum
9. Liverwort, Marchantia
10. Fern frond, Polypodium
11. Pine cone, Pinus
11. Willow catkin
Plant Kingdom, Part II
Set includes one each of the following:
1. Green algae, Halimeda
2. Brown algae, Sargassum
3. Liverwort, Riccia
4. Liverwort, Porella
5. Moss, Polytrichum
6. Club moss, Selaginella
7. Horsetail, Equisetum
8. Venus flytrap
9. Dodder on host, Cuscuta gronovii
10. Pine stem with needles and cone
11. Monocot flower
12. Dicot flower