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Gilson™ PIPETMAN™ M Multichannel Pipettes

Equipped with motorized piston that virtually eliminates pipetting variability among users and minimizes RSI (Repetitive Strain Injuries) among users

$1,356.77 - $3,015.09


Warranty 1 year
Finger Style Ergonomic
Product Type Pipette
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Catalog Number Mfr. No. Compatible Tips Model Number of Channels Volume (Metric) Price Quantity  
Catalog Number Mfr. No. Compatible Tips Model Number of Channels Volume (Metric) Price Quantity  
F81015G Gilson™
D1000, DF1000, D1200, DF1200 P1200M 1 100-1200µL Each for $1,356.77
F81016G Gilson™
D5000 P5000M 1 500-5000µL Each for $1,356.77
F81014G Gilson™
D200, DF200, D300, DF300 P300M 1 20-300µL Each for $1,356.77
F81019G Gilson™
DF100 P12x100M 12 10 to 100μL Each for $3,015.09
F81020G Gilson™
D1200 P8x1200M 8 50 to 1200μL Each for $2,692.03
F81021G Gilson™
DF1200 P12x1200M 12 50 to 1200μL Each for $3,015.09
F81027G Gilson™
DL10, DF30ST, D200 tips P8x20M 8 1 to 20µL Each for $2,692.03
F81025G Gilson™
D10, DL10, DF10, DFL10 tips P8x10M 8 0.5 to 10µL Each for $2,692.03
F81029G Gilson™
D200, D300, DF100ST, DF200ST, DF300ST tips P8x200M 8 20 to 200µL Each for $2,692.03
F81032G Gilson™
D10, DL10, DF10 or DFL10 tips P12x300M 12 10 to 300µL Each for $3,015.09


  • Motorized piston with adjustable piston speed that is compatible with varying solution densities
  • Lockable volume to prevent inaccuracies
  • Color-coded push-button corresponds to matching tip packs
  • Service alert reminders
  • Unique tip holder design allows for a secure fit of most brands of tips
  • Features four essential pipetting modes dash (en) reverse, mix, repetitive and pipetting to best fit your application
  • Pipette can be used while charging eliminating bottlenecks and downtime
  • Designed to exert equal pressure on each piston to ensure consistent volume levels across all channels
  • Power carrousel conveniently holds and charges up to 5 PIPETMAN M pipettes at once, charging 80% of its full capacity in less than one hour
  • Gilson Trident and unique spacer distribute ejection forces evenly over each tip, reducing the force required to eject tips
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1 year