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Thermo Scientific™ Pierce™ NeutrAvidin™ Protein and Conjugates

Purified, HRP-, AP- or FITC-conjugated or maleimide-activated NeutrAvidin protein for Western blot, ELISA or other biotin-based detection methods.

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thermo scientific™
Pierce NeutrAvidin Protein, Maleimide Activated 5mg Each for $265.44
Description & Specifications

Thermo Scientific™ NeutrAvidin Protein is a specially-prepared form of avidin biotin-binding protein that decreases background in Western blotting and ELISA; available items include standard HRP, AP and fluorescent conjugates for biotin-based assays.

NeutrAvidin Protein is deglycosylated native avidin from egg whites. Removal of the excess carbohydrate by an exclusive process yields a protein with a more neutral isoelectric point and less nonspecific binding properties. Purified and conjugated forms of NeutrAvidin Protein provide exceptional performance in Western blot, ELISA and IHC applications that require biotin-binding probes. Assay specificity, sensitivity, and signal-to-noise ratios with NeutrAvidin Protein are generally equivalent or better than with the significantly more expensive streptavidin.


  • Near-neutral isoelectric point – pI equals 6.3, more neutral than native avidin

  • Nearly devoid of glycosylation – decreased possibility of lectin binding compared to native avidin

  • No RYD recognition sequence – no known off-target binding domains like streptavidin

  • Affordable – significantly less expensive than streptavidin

  • Available in multiple formats – choose purified NeutrAvidin Protein, prepared HRP and AP conjugates or activated forms for a variety of techniques