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Invitrogen™ In-Cell ELISA Kit,Near Infrared

In-cell ELISA Kit

Manufacturer:  Invitrogen™ 0062201

Catalog No. PI62201



The In-Cell ELISA Near Infrared Detection Kits provide a simple and convenient method for quantifying intracellular proteins in whole cells. Principle of the method This kit enables simultaneous detection of post-translational-modified protein (PTM) and the corresponding unmodified protein,or two different targets within the same well. Simultaneously detecting targets within an ELISA well eliminates variability caused by differences in cell plating. The expression levels of the protein(s) are monitored using primary antibodies specific to the targets and corresponding species-specific near-infrared Thermo Scientific DyLight-Conjugated Secondary Antibodies. Relative protein activation or inactivation is determined as a ratio of modified protein levels to the corresponding unmodified protein measured using a modification-specific antibody and an antibody to unmodified protein,respectively. Rigorous validation Each manufactured lot of this ELISA kit is quality tested for criteria such as sensitivity,specificity,precision,and lot-to-lot consistency. See manual for more information on validation.

Pierce In-cell ELISA Reagents provide a method to accurately determine relative protein levels and degree of post-translational modification (PTM) among various cell types. The In-cell ELISA procedures can be performed in 96- or 384-well microplates, are scalable and conserve cell culture and treatment reagents. Because assay data are measured using a standard ELISA plate reader or infrared imaging system, the results are readily available for analysis. Also, the assay is amenable to automation, which is ideal for siRNA studies and drug screens.


  • Two detection formats available: colorimetric (for standard plate readers) and near infrared fluorescent (for infrared imaging systems)
  • Simple, fast assay format and the ability to perform multiplex experiments
  • No special sample preparation required
  • Higher throughput compared with Western blotting
  • Cost efficient (one well vs. one lane) compared to Western blotting


4 x 96 Tests,4 x 96 Tests
Multi-component kit containing fluorescent secondary antibodies
20X Tris Buffered Saline
2°C to 8°C
24 hr.
Pierce In-Cell ELISA Near Infrared Detection Kit
DyLight™ 680,DyLight™ 800
4 x 96-well microplates of overnight-cultured cells
Fluorescent Microplate Reader
Supernatants (10,000 cells)
1 hr. 20 min.


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