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Thermo Scientific™ Pierce™ Albumin/IgG Removal Kits

Bind and remove human serum albumin and IgG (immunoglobulins) to prepare serum samples for protein-profiling methods with these dual-ligand affinity resin kits.

$542.74 - $542.74


Formulation Multi-component kit
Support Type Agarose
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PI89875 Thermo Scientific™
25 rxn kit Each for $542.74


Thermo Scientific™ Pierce Albumin/IgG Removal Kits are optimized to decrease albumin and antibody components of human serum samples in preparation for 2D electrophoresis and other protein-profiling methods.

These kits use dual-specific agarose resins to simultaneously bind and remove both human serum albumin (HSA) and IgG from serum samples so that less-abundant proteins in serum samples can be analyzed more easily by 2D electrophoresis. By eliminating most of these two proteins, which account for nearly 70% of total serum proteins, the kits enable low-abundance proteins of interest to be more easily detected and studied. Both the Antibody-based and Dye/Protein A-based Kits are scalable and sufficient to process 25 samples, each containing 600μg of total serum protein (about 10μL of serum).

The Antibody-Based Kit (Part No. 89876) uses specific antibodies against human serum albumin (HSA) and human gamma immunoglobulin (IgG) immobilized to beaded agarose resin. When samples are incubated with the affinity resin, both HSA and IgG bind. Centrifugation to separate the supernatant from the resin results in sample in which HSA and IgG concentrations have been decreased to negligible levels. The Antibody-Based Kit provides the most specific method for removing HSA and IgG, and it is suitable only for human samples.

The Dye/Protein A-Based Kit (Part No. 89875) uses a mixture of Cibacron™ Blue Dye and Protein A agarose affinity resin. The dye binds to albumin with relatively good specificity, and Protein A binds to many species and subclasses of IgG. The kit is more economical than the Antibody-Based Kit and can be used to treat samples from other species besides human (e.g., monkey, swine, rabbit).


  • Optimized for 2D sample prep – microcentrifuge spin cup method is scaled and optimized for treating 10μL human serum samples for 2D electrophoresis

  • Efficient – kits remove nearly all HSA and IgG, enabling low- abundance proteins to be detected in 2D gels

  • Fast – kits process samples in less than 40 minutes

  • Scalable – use different amounts of affinity resin to match sample volume and concentration

  • Two kit options – choose the system appropriate for your application: highest specificity (Antibody-Based Kit) or greater ecomony (Dye/Protein A-Based Kit)


Both kits contain dual-specific affinity resin and microcentrifuge spin columns

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Multi-component kit