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Promega™ P450-Glo™ CYP3A4 Assay (Luciferin-PFBE) Cell-Based/Biochemical Assay DFS Item

The P450-Glo CYP3A4 Assay System provides a homogeneous, luminescent method for measuring CYP3A4 activity and the screening system contains a complete set of reagents for performing the assay.

Manufacturer:  Promega™ V8902

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Catalog No. PRV8902

Includes: Luciferin Detection Reagent; P450-Glo Buffer; 5mM Luciferin-CEE, -ME, -H, -BE, -PFBE, -PPXE, or IPA



The assays are designed to measure the activities of P450s from recombinant and native sources and for testing the effects of analytes such as drugs and new chemical entities on P450 activities. These luminescent assays exhibit high sensitivity, low background signals and broad dynamic range.
The assays employ luminogenic P450 substrates that are derivatives of beetle luciferin, a substrate for luciferase enzymes. The derivatives are not substrates for luciferase but are converted by P450s to luciferin, which in turn reacts with luciferase to produce light that is directly proportional to the activity of the P450.

  • Measure the activity of P450s from recombinant or native fractions
  • Test the effects of analytes including drugs and new chemical entities on P450 activities
  • Simple “add-and-read” procedures feature high sensitivity, low background signals, and broad dynamic range
  • Scalable to 384-well format
  • Eliminate interference from fluorescent test compounds
  • Exhibit “glow-type” signal with a half-life of over two hours, eliminating the need for luminometers with injectors and allowing for batch plate processing
  • Formulation reduces the incidence of false positives

  • CYP3A4 Assay with Luciferin-IPA contains a substrate for cytochrome 3A4 that is very well suited for all applications involving human CYP3A4 and is well suited for cell-based applications

Screen drugs and new chemical entities for their capacity to modulate CYP450 activities in native or recombinant fractions; Measure recombinant CYP450 activities in membrane fractions from heterologous expression systems, such as Sf9 cells and E. coli; and in microsomal fractions from tissues



Homogeneous, Luminescent
For measuring cytochrome P450 activity
−30 to −10°C
1 x 1 Each Luciferin detection reagent, 1 x 50mL Reconstitution Buffer, 3 x 500μL Luciferin-PPXE
P450-Glo CYP3A4 Assay (Luciferin-PFBE)