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Thermo Scientific™ Oxoid™ ONE Broth-Listeria

Oxoid ONE Broth-Listeria is a selective enrichment broth for Listeria species from food samples in 24 hours.

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Description ONE Broth-Listeria
Format Powder
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Thermo Scientific™
500 g
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Oxoid ONE Broth-Listeria is a selective enrichment broth for Listeria species in food samples in 24 hours. Novel enrichment broth balances a mix of peptones, carbohydrates and salts for optimal resuscitation, recovery and growth of even low numbers of Listeria spp.

Requires ONE Broth-Listeria Supplement, Part No. SR00234E.

ONE Broth - Listeria: Typical Formulation

  • Peptone: 26g/L; Carbohydrate mix: 6g/L; Salt mix: 10g/L with a final pH of 7.4 ±0.2 at 25°C


  • Dehydrated medium: straw coloured, free-flowing powder
  • Selective supplement: orange/yellow, freeze-dried pellet
  • Prepared medium: dark straw coloured, clear liquid

Formulation Directions

  • Suspend 22g of ONE Broth-Listeria Base in 500ml (44g/L) of distilled water
  • Mix well and sterilize by autoclaving at 121°C for 15 minutes
  • Cool the medium to below 50°C and aseptically add the contents of one vial of ONE Broth-Listeria Selective Supplement (Mfr. No. SR0234) reconstituted as directed

Testing Protocol

  • Add 25g of food sample to 225mL of ONE Broth-Listeria and stomach for a minimum of 30 seconds to mix the sample
  • Incubate the broth without agitation at 30°C for 24 hours
  • Gently agitate the bag then, using a microbiological loop, remove 10μL and inoculate onto a suitable agar medium e.g. Brilliance Listeria Agar (Mfr. No. CM1080, SR0222, and SR0228) and incubate appropriately (37°C for 24-48 hours)
  • Confirm presumptive colonies on the agar plates as Listeria monocytogenes or Listeria spp. by appropriate methods e.g. Gram-stain, catalase, oxidase, Oxoid Listeria Latex Test Kit (Mfr. No. DR1126)
  • Oxoid O.B.I.S. mono (Mfr. No. ID0600), Microbact Listeria 12L (Mfr. No. MB1128)


ONE Broth-Listeria
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