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Novus Biologicals™ Lightning-Link™ Type A Biotin Antibody Labeling Kit

Antibody labeling kit

$311.00 - $633.00


Product Type Type A Biotin Antibody Labeling Kit
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For Research Use Only

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novus biologicals™
1 x 2mg Reaction Each for $633.00


novus biologicals™
3 x 20μg Reactions Each for $311.00
Description & Specifications


Product Type Type A Biotin Antibody Labeling Kit

Lightning-Link Biotin has been optimised for two separate applications. Type A is intended for assays in which a streptavidin-labeled detection reagent will be used, while Type B is optimised for assays in which the biotinylated protein is captured by streptavidin immobilized on a surface (ie plates, nitrocellulose, magnetic beads etc).

Lightning-Link is the easiest and quickest method available for preparing biotinylated antibodies (proteins), requiring just 30 seconds hands-on time, regardless of scale. Biotin with an extended chain is covalently attached in a controlled process at near-neutral pH. Absence of desalting/dialysis steps means that biotinylations can be carried out even at microgram scale without losses. The attachment of biotin to various chemical sites, called biotinylation, is an important laboratory technique, which has been used to study various processes including protein localization, protein interactions, DNA transcription and replication. Biotin binds to the tetrameric avidin proteins, including streptavidin and neutravidin, with very high affinity. This interaction has also been used in various biotechnological applications, such as extraction of biotin tagged proteins and ELISA assays. The amount of antibody used for labeling should be the same as the pack size of LL-Biotin. For any new antibody, optimization of the ratio of antibody to dye is often worthwhile.

Optimized for assays in which a streptavidin-labeled reagent will be used.

If your antibody needs to be concentrated, purified, or cleaned up, consider purchasing an antibody clean up kit.