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Novus Biologicals™ Lightning-Link™ Streptavidin Antibody Labeling Kit

Antibody labeling kit

$311.00 - $493.00


Product Type Streptavidin Antibody Labeling Kit
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novus biologicals canada
3 x 100μg Reactions Each for $493.00


novus biologicals canada
3 x 0.01mg Reactions Each for $311.00
Description & Specifications


Product Type Streptavidin Antibody Labeling Kit

Streptavidin is a 53kDa protein purified from Streptomyces avidinii, which has widespread applications due to its very high affinity to the vitamin biotin. Streptavidin is a tetrameric molecule, composed of 4 13kDa monomers, each of which can bind a molecule of biotin. The Lightning-Link Streptavidin kit is unique in the sense that it is the only DIY streptavidin labeling kit available on the market. Like our biotinylation kits, Lightning-Link Streptavidin has been optimised to create high quality conjugates and minimise assay background. There is also no need for a wash or desalting step. The way in which the kits are optimised means the antibody or protein of interest will be labeled with up to 3 streptavidin molecules each, maximising the opportunity for biotin to bind and create a biotin streptavidin complex.