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Novus Biologicals™ Lightning-Link™ PE-Texas Red™ Antibody Labeling Kit

Antibody labeling kit

$406.00 - $802.00


Product Type PE-Texas Red Antibody Labeling Kit
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Catalog Number Mfr. No. Quantity Price Quantity  
Catalog Number Mfr. No. Quantity Price Quantity  
7670005 Novus Biologicals Canada
1 x 100μg Reaction Each for $406.00
7670015 Novus Biologicals Canada
1 x 1.0mg Reaction Each for $802.00
7670010 Novus Biologicals Canada
3 x 0.100mg Reactions Each for $604.00
7670030 Novus Biologicals Canada
3 x 0.01mg Reactions Each for $406.00


Lightning-Link is the easiest and quickest method available for making antibody (protein) conjugates, requiring just 30 seconds hands-on time. The antibody is covalently bonded to the label in a directional and controlled process at near-neutral pH.
  • The Lightning-Link conjugation kit allows PE-Texas Red tandem conjugations to set up in seconds, simply by adding a solution of the antibody to be labeled to a proprietary lyophilised mixture containing PE-Texas Red.
  • The amount of antibody used for labeling should be the same as the pack size of LL-PE-Texas Red. For any new antibody, optimization of the ratio of antibody to dye is often worthwhile.
  • If your antibody needs to be concentrated, purified, or cleaned up, consider purchasing an antibody clean up kit.

PE/TEXAS RED is a tandem conjugate. The PE is excited at 488nm and functions as an energy donor for the TEXAS RED. Energy is transferred from the PE to the TEXAS RED via energy resonance transfer. The TEXAS RED emits the energy received from the PE in the form of long wavelength light at 615nm.
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PE-Texas Red Antibody Labeling Kit