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Novus Biologicals™ Imm-Link™ KLH (Carboxyl) Immunogen labeling Kit

Immunogen labeling kit

$418.00 - $751.00


Product Type Imm-Link KLH (Carboxyl) Immunogen labeling Kit
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novus biologicals canada
1 x 2mg Reaction Each for $418.00


novus biologicals canada
3 x 2mg Reactions Each for $751.00
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Product Type Imm-Link KLH (Carboxyl) Immunogen labeling Kit

BSA, Ovalbumin or Keyhole Limpet Hemocyanin (KLH) stimulate a large immune response and are typically used as carrier proteins to generate antibodies against small antigens (peptides or organic compounds). For success the antigen (normally referred to as a hapten) needs to be covalently linked to the carrier protein.

The imm-Link™ carboxyl conjugation kit allows carboxyl containing haptens to be conjugated to a carrier protein simply by adding a solution of the hapten to a proprietary lyophilised mixture containing the carrier protein and all the required conjugation chemistry. The hands-on time to set up the conjugation reaction is typically 20-30 seconds.

Following successful conjugation the conjugate is dialysed in the supplied dialysis cartridge to remove unwanted by products. The hapten conjugate can then be easily recovered and used.