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Hands-On Science Books

Explore scientific concepts through memorable activities based in the context of everyday life.

Manufacturer:  Fisher Science Education 03935X

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Catalog No. S65934



  • Easily integrated into any science course
  • Correlate to the National Science Education Standards
  • Grades 7 to 9
  • Each book is 96 to 104 pages

ABCs of Chemistry

  • Measure heat from a candle, make soap and build a simple battery
  • Investigate factors affecting the speed of a reaction
  • Learn to separate mixtures
  • Plus 14 more activities
Atmosphere & Weather
  • The state we're in: Air is a gas!
  • What is weather? Lightning!
  • Convection: temperature differences and the motion of air, highs, lows and winds
  • Plus 14 more activities
Electricity & Magnetism
  • Generate static electricity
  • Explore magnetic fields, series circuits, conductors and insulators
  • Create electricity from ice water
  • Plus 11 more activities
Force & Motion
  • Making and adding vectors
  • Velocity and acceleration
  • Newton's 1st Law: Inertia
  • Newton's 2nd Law: Fnet = ma
  • Newton's 3rd Law: Action/reaction
  • Pressure is not force
  • Plus 11 more activities
Introduction to Biotechnology
  • Get familiar with basic concepts, techniques and issues in biotechnology
  • Making yogurt and kimchi
  • Learn about gel electrophoresis and running a gel
  • Investigate Building People and To Clone, or Not to Clone
  • Plus 14 more acitivities
Light & Color
  • What is the nature of light?
  • How can we separate pigments?
  • How do different materials affect the absorption of light?
  • How light affects light-sensitive chemicals
  • Plus 16 more activities
Nutrition, Mind & Body
  • Covers a variety of human anatomy and physiology topics such as: Seeing can be deceiving; Can eating ice cream be painful?; What parts of the body are involved in maintaining balance?; How much water does a popcorn kernel contain?; and milk, hot dogs and nutritional math
  • Our Solar System
    • The scale of the solar system: How big are the planets?
    • How far apart are the planets?
    • The shape of planetary orbits
    • Plus 15 more activities
    • Which way will the roots grow?
    • Which color of light prevents chlorosis in geranium plants?
    • How glucose content of a potato affects its use
    • Plus 17 more activities
    Rocks & Minerals
    • Crystal structure of salt
    • Mineral tests — hardness
    • Rock types and mineral identification
    • Weathering rates of rocks and minerals
    • Plus 11 more activities
    Simple Machines
    • Investigate: What is force? What is work? What is power?
    • Mechanical advantages in a bicycle
    • How a wedge and pulley work
    • Plus 14 more activities
    • How do ships float?
    • When can water carry an electric current?
    • How does water act like a lens?
    • Investigate life in a pond
    • Plus 16 more activities
    Science Series
    Earth Science Series includes one copy each of Atmosphere & Weather, Rocks & Minerals and Our Solar System.
    Life Science Series includes one copy each of Arthropods, Nutrition, Mind & Body and Plants.
    Physical Science Series includes one copy each of Chemistry, Electricity & Magnetism, Force & Motion, Light & Color, Simple Machines and Water.



    Rocks and Minerals
    Crystal structure of salt, mineral tests - hardness, mineral identification, rock types, weathering rates of rocks and minerals, 11 more activities,
    George Watson
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