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Hands-On Science Books

Explore scientific concepts through memorable activities based in the context of everyday life.

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Catalog Number Mfr. No. Category Includes Grade Product Type Price Quantity  
Catalog Number Mfr. No. Category Includes Grade Product Type Price Quantity  
S65933 Fisher Science Education
Physics One copy each of atmosphere and weather, rocks and minerals and our solar system 7 to 9 Our Solar System Each for $33.75
S65932 Fisher Science Education
Geography One copy each of atmosphere and weather, rocks and minerals and our solar system 7 to 9 Atmosphere and Weather Each for $39.15
S65934 Fisher Science Education
Geography Crystal structure of salt, mineral tests - hardness, mineral identification, rock types, weathering rates of rocks and minerals, 11 more activities, 7 to 9 Rocks and Minerals Each for $42.15


  • Easily integrated into any science course
  • Correlate to the National Science Education Standards
  • Grades 7 to 9
  • Each book is 96 to 104 pages

ABCs of Chemistry

  • Measure heat from a candle, make soap and build a simple battery
  • Investigate factors affecting the speed of a reaction
  • Learn to separate mixtures
  • Plus 14 more activities
Atmosphere & Weather
  • The state we're in: Air is a gas!
  • What is weather? Lightning!
  • Convection: temperature differences and the motion of air, highs, lows and winds
  • Plus 14 more activities
Electricity & Magnetism
  • Generate static electricity
  • Explore magnetic fields, series circuits, conductors and insulators
  • Create electricity from ice water
  • Plus 11 more activities
Force & Motion
  • Making and adding vectors
  • Velocity and acceleration
  • Newton's 1st Law: Inertia
  • Newton's 2nd Law: Fnet = ma
  • Newton's 3rd Law: Action/reaction
  • Pressure is not force
  • Plus 11 more activities
Introduction to Biotechnology
  • Get familiar with basic concepts, techniques and issues in biotechnology
  • Making yogurt and kimchi
  • Learn about gel electrophoresis and running a gel
  • Investigate Building People and To Clone, or Not to Clone
  • Plus 14 more acitivities
Light & Color
  • What is the nature of light?
  • How can we separate pigments?
  • How do different materials affect the absorption of light?
  • How light affects light-sensitive chemicals
  • Plus 16 more activities
Nutrition, Mind & Body
  • Covers a variety of human anatomy and physiology topics such as: Seeing can be deceiving; Can eating ice cream be painful?; What parts of the body are involved in maintaining balance?; How much water does a popcorn kernel contain?; and milk, hot dogs and nutritional math
  • Our Solar System
    • The scale of the solar system: How big are the planets?
    • How far apart are the planets?
    • The shape of planetary orbits
    • Plus 15 more activities
    • Which way will the roots grow?
    • Which color of light prevents chlorosis in geranium plants?
    • How glucose content of a potato affects its use
    • Plus 17 more activities
    Rocks & Minerals
    • Crystal structure of salt
    • Mineral tests — hardness
    • Rock types and mineral identification
    • Weathering rates of rocks and minerals
    • Plus 11 more activities
    Simple Machines
    • Investigate: What is force? What is work? What is power?
    • Mechanical advantages in a bicycle
    • How a wedge and pulley work
    • Plus 14 more activities
    • How do ships float?
    • When can water carry an electric current?
    • How does water act like a lens?
    • Investigate life in a pond
    • Plus 16 more activities
    Science Series
    Earth Science Series includes one copy each of Atmosphere & Weather, Rocks & Minerals and Our Solar System.
    Life Science Series includes one copy each of Arthropods, Nutrition, Mind & Body and Plants.
    Physical Science Series includes one copy each of Chemistry, Electricity & Magnetism, Force & Motion, Light & Color, Simple Machines and Water.

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