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Laxco™ Handheld Lighted Analog Brix/Sucrose Refractometer

Laxco™ Analog Lighted Brix Refractometers uniquely design incorporates LED technology to illuminate the scale without the need of ambient light. Its ruggedized design, water resistant seal, and unique features makes it puts it in a class of its own for measuring sucrose/sugar concentrations.

Manufacturer:  Laxco™ LRB32ATC

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Catalog No. LRB32ATC

Includes: Calibration Screw Driver, Carrying case with strap, (3) watch batteries, (2) Applicator, Calibration fluid, Manual



Refractometers have been used for measuring the concentration of solutions for more than a century. Their primary purpose is to measure the degree at which light bends as it passes through a medium, and is used in a wide range of applications and industries as a quality control and diagnostic tool.

Laxco Analog Lighted Refractometers are high quality and were designed by US engineers.

Each unit is inspected in the United States by a factory qualified technician under a rigid quality control process to ensure its accuracy, and performance.

Key Features:

  • Sealed calibration screw is locked on the bottom of the unit to prevent water from entering into the system
  • Quickly calibrate the instrument with a turn of a screw, and distilled water
  • Comfortable rubber eyecup blocks out ambient light and allows for crystal clear viewing of readings
  • Automatic temperature compensation prevents the need for constant re-calibration of the instrument. As the ambient temperature changes, the scale will automatically compensate for the difference in the degree of refraction. This ensures an accurate reading every time
  • All metal construction and water-resistant seal between prism and main body protects and prevents damage to internal objective lens
  • Flat bottom allows the instrument to be set on a flat surface without the worry of it rolling off work surfaces
  • Rubber hand grip is comfortable, easy to grasp. Its non-slip pattern grip reduces that chance of accidentally dropping the instrument
  • One-piece U-shaped metal hinged daylight plate provides durability of frequent opening and closing. Two screws allow the daylight plate to be easily replaced in case of accidental damage
  • Machined hole for hanging the refractometer in a convenient location
  • Ball bearing hinged daylight secures the daylight plate in the up and down position
  • Magnified scale and all glass optics creates the sharpest readings on the market
  • Push bottom monetary switch allows for easy operation of the LED illumination
  • Focusable eyepiece allows for crisp focus of reading line
  • Carrying lanyard
  • Two sample applicators are mounted to the bottom side of the refractometer, for convenience
  • LED illuminates the scale without the need for ambient light
  • Operates both with ambient light and LED
  • Portable, easy to use design

BRIX Models:

Laxco Lighted Analog Brix Refractometers primary application is to measure the sugar concentration levels in various beverages and foods. Brix models use a larger range of the refractive index scale, which allows them to be used in many other applications such as cutting coolants, flux compounds, industrial fluids, and cutting oils.

  • LR-B10ATC: 0° to 10° percentage range with granularity to measure down to 0.1° increments at a ±0.1° degree of accuracy
  • LR-B18ATC: 0° to 18° percentage range with granularity to measure down to 0.1° increments at a ±0.15° degree of accuracy
  • LR-B32ATC: 0° to 32° percentage range with granularity to measure down to 0.2° increments at a ±0.2° degree of accuracy

Common Samples:

  • Oranges and Pears = 5° to 15°
  • Tomatoes = 2° to 5°
  • Apples and Melons = 11° to 18°
  • Strawberries and Peaches = 5° to 11°
  • Grapes = 11° to 23°
  • Nectars = 18° to 23°
  • Acidophilus Beverages = 17° to 20°
  • Yeast Culture Solutions = 2° to 9°
  • Grape Wine = 12° to 19°
  • Beef Curry = 10° to 15°
  • Coffee = 5° to 15°
  • Green Tea = 0° to 5°
  • Fruit Juices = 11° to 18°
  • Tomato Juice = 6° to 9°
  • Steak Sauce and Ketchup = 27° to 35°
  • Milk = 12° to 18°
  • Cutting and Quenching Oil = 0° to 9°
  • Emulsification Solutions = 0° to 8°
  • Soluble Tempering Oil = 0° to 30°
  • Lactic Acid Beverages = 17° to 22°
  • Bean Milk = 1° to 11°
  • Canned Fruits = 12° to 28°
  • Cola = 10° to 15°
  • Beer = 0° to 5°
  • Tomato Puree = 8° to 18°
  • Carbonated Beverages = 8° to 18°


5 Year

Laxco™ refractometers are formally Westover Scientific refractometers



BRIX; Wine; Beverages; Foods; Industrial Fluids
LED or Ambient
0.881 lb
1.535 in.
204 x 39 x 39mm
Distilled Water
0° to 32° Brix
1.535 in.
Calibration Screw Driver, Carrying case with strap, (3) watch batteries, (2) Applicator, Calibration fluid, Manual
8.031 in.
0 to 32°
50° to 86° F (10° to 30° C)

Daylight Plate is not covered by Warranty