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Thermo Scientific™ HAEMAFlex™ 12/16 Swinging Bucket Rotors

Maximize total blood bags per spin with the unique 16 x 500mL blood bag capacity of the Thermo Scientific™ HAEMAFlex™ 12/16 rotors for the new Thermo Scientific™ blood banking centrifuges.

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thermo scientific™
 Please call Customer Service at 1-800-234-7437 or send an email to for assistance.


thermo scientific™
 Please call Customer Service at 1-800-234-7437 or send an email to for assistance.
Description & Specifications

For high-throughput blood processing needs, the Thermo Scientific™ HAEMAFlex™ 12 swinging bucket rotor provides 12 x 500mL capacity or upgrade your centrifuge capacity to 16 x 500mL blood bags with the Thermo Scientific™ HAEMAFlex™ 16 rotor and the same bucket selections.

High-throughput sample processing with the flexibility to match your current and future needs with 12 or 16 x 500mL blood bag (12 or 16 x 1000mL) capacity, utilizing the same bucket system.

These windshielded rotors feature Thermo Scientific™ Eco-Spin™ technology, providing energy savings up to 60%, based on an engineering evaluation of windshielded and non-windshielded designs of the same rotor body.

Compatible with Thermo Scientific™ Auto-Lid™ and Auto-ID™ functions enabling instant rotor lid opening, storage and rotor identification to save time and protects the integrity of your samples.

Rotor buckets with Thermo Scientific™ Dura-Coat™ nickel-coating are also available, providing protection against corrosion due to moisture, chemicals or alkaline solutions that otherwise can weaken the structural integrity of a metal rotor bucket.