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Sartorius™ GoldLINE Electrodes

Superior stable results due to patented three chamber Iodine/Iodide metal-ion free reference system that lower temperature sensitivities and provides a metal ion free reference system ideal for Pharma and R&D grade application.

$646.95 - $676.66


Material Glass
Reference Type Iodine/Iodide
Connector Types BNC/2.5mm plug
Storage Requirements Ambient temperature
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Catalog Number Mfr. No. Diameter (Metric) Body Junction Type Price Quantity  
Catalog Number Mfr. No. Diameter (Metric) Body Junction Type Price Quantity  
14-558-080 Sartorius™
5mm 3X Junction Each for $657.49
14-558-079 Sartorius™
Not Applicable 3X Junction Each for $646.95
14-558-081 Sartorius™
Not Applicable 3X Hole Junction Each for $676.66


Up your performance and accuracy with GoldLINE. The unique three-chamber reference system is more stable with a metal-free iodide/iodine reference system compared to our excellent Ag/AgCl reference system found in our PlatiumLINE series. GoldLINE not only offers unbeatable stability and faster response times but higher accuracy and precision. Accelerated performance is attributed to the advanced patented reference technologies and superior glass and reference materials & construction. The GoldLINE is a superior sensor that gives precise results allowing for independence from sample contamination with minimal temperature influences.
  • GoldLINE electrodes have lower temperature sensitivity, reducing the drastic influences temperature variants can have on pH measurement, thus producing more precise results.
  • Exchangeable bridge electrolyte enables one to match the internal electrolyte to their sample for better measurements.
  • Speed and response time is quicker due to stability of reference exchange, system and damping of temperature influences and the reduction of metal or precipitant contamination that can occur with other electrodes.

Patented junction and three-chamber systems set sensors apart from the rest
  • Reduce and eliminate metal ion contamination and chelation
  • Minimizes damage to sensors elongating the life of the electrodes, saving time and money as well as increased productivity to mitigate faulty measurements
Smart ID sensor versions
  • A reliable and accurate measurement through automatic electrode recognition between sensor and meter
  • Provide unique identification for each sensor for traceability
  • Can be used on multiple instruments without having to recalibrate
  • Stores the last calibration of the sensor
  • Completes the documentation trail between sensor and meter for the highest GLP practices
  • Electrode includes model, serial number with date, time and measurement values

Pharma Grade – pH/ATC, TRIS Impervious, Glass Body, Liquid Filled 3M KCl, 3X Junction, Iodine/Iodide reference

Micro – 5mm dia., pH/ATC, TRIS Impervious, Glass Body, Liquid Filled 3M KCl, 3X Junction, Iodine/Iodide-reference

Speartip pH/ATC Glass Body, 3x, Hole Junction, Polymer Filled


1 year

Description & Specifications


BNC/2.5mm plug
Ambient temperature