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Fisher Scientific™ accumet™ Polymer Membrane Combination ISEs, Mercury-Free

Fast, precise measurements of calcium, nitrate and potassium ion in aqueous solutions over a wide range of concentrations

$1,491.50 - $1,608.82


Diameter (English) Body 0.5 in.
Diameter (Metric) Body 12.7mm
Diameter (Metric) Cap 15.8mm
Connector Types BNC
Material Epoxy Body
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Catalog Number Mfr. No. Electrode Filling Solution Type Resistance pH Range Price Quantity  
Catalog Number Mfr. No. Electrode Filling Solution Type Resistance pH Range Price Quantity  
13-620-532 Accessories Fisher Scientific™
4mol/L KCl with AgCl 10 to 20megohm 2.5 to 11 Each for $1,556.44
13-620-534 Accessories Fisher Scientific™
0.1M (NH4)2SO4/0.01mol/L KCl with Ag+ 100megohm 2 to 12 Each for $1,608.82
13-620-536 Accessories Fisher Scientific™
4mol/L KCl with AgCl >1megohm 3 to 10 Each for $1,491.50


Sensor sealed in epoxy body

  • Sensing modules contain liquid internal filling solution in contact with gelled organophilic membrane
  • Membrane is impregnated with a selective ion exchanger for ion of interest
  • Sensors are sealed into durable epoxy body with built-in reference half-cell
  • Permit fast, precise measurements in aqueous solutions over a wide range of concentrations
  • Epoxy body provides chemical resistance
  • Tough, chemical-resistant epoxy body
  • Membrane assembly sealed to body
  • Continuous electrical shielding and insulation of internal elements, cable and connectors
  • Extremely stable, reproducible readings with a minimum of electrical noise
  • Lower detection limits than conventional ISEs
  • Rapid response time that lowers cost per test
  • Individually tested, serialized to meet GLP requirements and backed by the Fisher Scientific Technical Applications staff
  • Diameter: body, 0.5 in. (12.7mm); cap, 0.625 in. (16mm)
  • Length: body, 4 in. (10.2cm); cap, 1 in. (2.5cm); overall, 5 in. (12.7cm)

Calcium Electrode

  • Finds application in the testing of wine, beer, dairy products, foods, plants, pharmaceuticals, fertilizers, explosives, clay and soil
  • Used as an endpoint detector in EDTA calcium titrations
  • Filling solution is 4M KCl (with AgCl)
Nitrate Electrode
  • Used in pollution testing, bioresearch, pharmaceutical production
  • Determines nitrate in soils, plants, sewage, fertilizers, explosives, meats, pickling baths
  • Filling solution is 0.1M (NH4)2SO4/0.01M KCl (with Ag+)
Potassium Electrode
  • Aids in analysis of serum, urine, saliva, other bodily fluids
  • Used in testing soils, sewage, fertilizers, foods and beverages
  • Filling solution is 5M NaCl

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Description & Specifications


0.5 in.
Epoxy Body
32° to 88°F
0 to 40°C
5 in.
∽1 min. or less
0° to 40°C
Cl2-, NO-, Br-, CN-, CIO-3, I-, CIO4-