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Dissection & Anatomy Series Videos and DVDs

Introduce proper dissection procedures and methods.

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S96968 Fisher Science Education
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Videos are versatile educational tools designed to acquaint students with dissection of various organisms and organs and to help them identify key structures. Can also be used as a post-dissection review to ensure that proper identification has been accomplished. Ideal alternative for students who opt not to dissect real specimens.

Series includes:

  • Bullfrog Dissection details dissection and explains external anatomy, major muscles, digestive system, respiratory system, circulatory system, urogenital system and anatomy of the brain.
  • Cat Dissection includes sections on external anatomy, muscular system, digestive system, respiratory system, circulatory system and urogenital system.
  • Clam Dissection includes a detailed examination of the clam. Explains key terms including umbo, mantle cavity, adductor muscles, palps and visceral hump.
  • Crayfish Dissection explains characteristics of these arthropods by examination of body regions, swimmerets, pinchers and more. Also compares function of maxillipeds, mandibles, antennae and antennules.
  • Earthworm Dissection details this annelid's anatomy by highlighting terms including prostomium, clitellum, setae, cuticle and nephridia. Reproduction, including seminal receptacles and hermaphrodite, is described.
  • Invertebrate Dissection includes dissection lessons for five invertebrates: clam (8 min.), crayfish (15 min.), earthworm (10 min.), grasshopper (8 min.) and the starfish (9 min.).
  • Perch Dissection lists the three body regions; discusses dorsal fins, lateral line, isthmus, gills, stomach and air bladders.
  • Rat Dissection covers external anatomy, digestive system, urogenital system, circulatory system, respiratory system and nervous system.
  • Starfish Dissection discusses feeding, life span and phylum, and the function of the madriporite, tube feet, ambrulacral groove and radial canals; differentiates between males and females.
  • Brain Dissection shows fully detailed dissection of sheep brain; identifies key structures including dura mater, sulci, optic chiasm, pons, fornix, arbor vitae and 12 cranial nerves.