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Discovery Education™ Elements of Chemistry DVD Set

Six DVDs explore the essentials of chemistry.

$352.75 - $352.75

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S94005DVD Fisher Science Education
Each for $352.75


  • Features information on the periodic table, physical states of elements, compounds, reactions and much more
  • Grades 9 to 12
  • Total running time: 5 hours, 36 minutes

Understanding the Periodic Table: Explains the historical development, specific positions, information contained within the squares and electron configurations. The program concludes with a tour of the table, illustrating the similarities of blocks of elements.
Gases, Liquids and Solids: The Kinetic-Molecular Theory explains the behavior of different states of matter by examining the forces between the particles and the energy they possess. Reviews the different gas laws as well as examines the characteristics of substances and elements when they are liquids and solids.
Compounds and Reactions: Explores how different types of compounds are formed and examine the chemical reactions of elements when they bond into other substances.
Carbon Chemistry: Focuses on the unusual properties of carbon and shows how the element is able to combine with other elements to produce the vast number of organic compounds from hydrocarbons to the molecules in human tissues.
Atoms: Explore the structure of atoms, what holds them together and the composition of different elements, isotopes and ions. Program provides an introduction to the basic ideas of Quantum Theory and shows how the knowledge of the atom has led to an understanding of how different substances are formed.
Acids and Bases: Explores the chemistry of acids and bases with a focus on the pH scale. The program concludes by illustrating how the level of acids and bases contributes to processes as varied as acid rain and the functioning of the cells in our bodies.