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R&D Systems Cultrex PathClear BME, Type 2

Soluble form of basement membrane purified from Engelbreth-Holm-Swarm (EHS) tumor

$44.35 - $285.04


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Catalog Number Mfr. No. Quantity Price Quantity  
35-320-0102 R&D Systems
1mL Each for $44.35
35-320-0502 R&D Systems
5mL Each for $190.02
35-320-1002 R&D Systems
2 x 5mL Each for $285.04


Basement membranes are continuous sheets of specialized extracellular matrix that form an interface between endothelial, epithelial, muscle, or neuronal cells and their adjacent stroma. Basement membranes are degraded and regenerated during development and wound healing. They not only support cells and cell layers, but they also play an essential role in tissue organization that affects cell adhesion, migration, proliferation, and differentiation. Basement membranes provide major barriers to invasion by metastatic tumor cells.

The major components of BME include laminin, collagen IV, entactin, and heparin sulfate proteoglycan
BME can be used in a multiple applications, under a variety of cell culture conditions, for maintaining growth or promoting differentiation of primary endothelial, epithelial, smooth muscle and stem cells
BME can also be utilized in cell attachment, neurite outgrowth, angiogenesis, in vitro cell invasion and in vivo tumorigenicity assays
Higher tensile strength than standard BME
DMEM without phenol red storage buffer, with 10μg/mL gentamycin sulfate
Sterility tested


cell culture, stem cell, tumorgraft

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