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Use these animal specimens to compare the three classes of Cnidaria.

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Quantity 10 Pack
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Catalog Number Mfr. No. Length (English) Preservative Product Type Price Quantity  
S1001S Fisher Science Education
Alcohol Hydra Pack of 10 Each for $12.90
S1282S Fisher Science Education
Bio-Fresh™ Jellyfish, Portuguese Man-O-War Each for $26.70
S1360S Fisher Science Education
4 to 6 in. Bio-Fresh™ Common Jellyfish, Aurelia Pack of 10 Each for $97.55
Case of 10 Pack for $975.40
S1500S Fisher Science Education
2+ in. Bio-Fresh™ Sea Anemone Pack of 10 Each for $72.25



  • Common freshwater hydrozoans that can be encountered on field trips
  • Students can use these specimens for anatomical studies and for familiarity before going out on a field trip to an aquatic environment
  • In alcohol
Sea Anemone (Metridium)
  • Most common Anthozoan studied
  • Only well-expanded specimens are offered
  • Available in three sizes in Fisher Science Education™ Bio-Fresh™ solution
Portuguese Man-O-War (Physalia)
  • Physalia dramatically demonstrates the various groups of specialized cell members within the hydroid colony
  • Students especially enjoy these spectacular animal specimens
Common Moon Jellyfish (Aurelia)
  • Aurelia are ciliary feeders in the scyphozoan class
  • As they sink, plankton becomes entrapped on the mucus of the subumbrellar surface
  • From here, flagella sweep the food into the Aurelia's mouth
  • In Fisher Science Education Bio-Fresh solution

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10 Pack