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Thermo Scientific™ Clean-Blot IP Detection Reagents and Kit

Avoid interference from denatured IP antibody fragments in Western blots of immunoprecipitated proteins with these HRP and AP conjugates.

$355.39 - $646.82

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Catalog Number Mfr. No. Description Price Quantity  
PI21232 Thermo Scientific™
Clean-Blot IP Detection Kit (HRP) Each for $646.82
PI21230 Thermo Scientific™
Clean-Blot IP Detection Reagent (HRP) Each for $355.39


Thermo Scientific™ Clean-Blot IP Detection Reagents are HRP and AP conjugates that are optimized for post-immunoprecipitation Western blot detection of primary antibodies without interference from denatured IP antibody fragments.

Clean-Blot IP Reagents allow trouble-free Western blot detection of target proteins following IP assays (immunoprecipitation). They function by specifically binding to functional primary antibodies (whole IgG) without also binding to fragments of the IP antibodies, which usually accompany the immunoprecipitated protein through electrophoresis and membrane transfer. The Clean-Blot IP Reagents and HRP Kit eliminate detection-interference from both heavy-chain (approx. 50kDa) and light-chain (25kDa) IgG-fragments of antibodies used for the initial immunoprecipitation assay. Clean-Blot IP products include detection reagents with alkaline phosphatase conjugate or horseradish peroxidase conjugate and the complete Clean-Blot IP Detection Kit (HRP) for chemiluminescent substrate development.


  • Universal – bind and detect most species, IgG subclasses and isotypes of primary antibodies that are commonly used for Western blotting

  • Compatible – effective with IP assays performed using Protein A, Protein G, or anti-IgG agarose beads and any blocking buffer

  • Cost-effective – eliminates the cost and extra work associated with covalently immobilizing IP antibodies as a means of overcoming Western blot interference

  • Flexible – available in alkaline phosphate (AP) and horseradish peroxidase (HRP) reagents for detection with chemiluminescent, fluorescent or colorimetric substrates

  • Easy to use – no need to change the Western blotting protocol; simply replace conventional secondary HRP conjugate with the Clean-Blot IP Detection Reagent

  • Unobstructed detection – clear Western blot results for immmunoprecipitation assays without significant interference from denatured IgG bands