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CD28, Functional Grade, clone: 1C6, eBioscience™

Mouse Monoclonal Antibody

Manufacturer:  Life Technologies LS16028382

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Catalog No. 501129763



CD28 antigen is a 44kDa disulfide linked homodimeric T cell specific surface glycoprotein. It is a cell adhesion molecule of the immunoglobulin superfamily which is constitutively expressed on most peripheral blood T lymphocytes (approximately 95% of CD4+ cells and 50% of CD8+ cells). Mature thymocytes exhibit higher levels of CD28 than the immature cells. Activation of T cells results in enhanced CD28 expression. T cell activation requires two combined signals provided by antigen presenting cells.

Description: The 1C6 monoclonal antibody reacts with canine CD28, which is expressed by thymocytes, a majority of T cells, and a subset of NK cells. CD28 is a ligand for CD80 (B7-1) and CD86 (B7-2) and is a potent costimulator of T cells. Signaling through CD28 augments IL-2 and IL-2 receptor expression as well as cytotoxicity of CD3-activated T cells.The 1C6 antibody has been reported to have antagonist activity, as well as induce proliferation. The 1C6 and 5B8 antibodies recognize different epitopes of canine CD28.Applications Reported: This 1C6 antibody has been reported for use in flow cytometric analysis and functional assays. Proliferation assays with the 1C6 antibody are best performed using polypropylene plates. (Fluorochrome-conjugated 5B8 is recommended for use in flow cytometry.).Applications Tested: This 1C6 antibody has been tested by flow cytometric analysis of normal canine peripheral blood cells. This can be used at less than or equal to 1 μg per test. A test is defined as the amount (μg) of antibody that will stain a cell sample in a final volume of 100 μL. Cell number should be determined empirically but can range from 10^5 to 10^8 cells/test. It is recommended that the antibody be carefully titrated for optimal performance in the assay of interest.Endotoxin: Less than 0.001 ng/ug antibody as determined by the LAL assay.Storage and handling: Use in a sterile environment.Filtration: 0.2μm post-manufacturing filtered.Purity: Greater than 90%, as determined by SDS-PAGE.Endotoxin Level: Less than 0.001 ng/μg antibody, as determined by LAL assay.Aggregation: Less than 10%, as determined by HPLC.


PBS with no preservative; pH 7.2
IgG1, kappa, kappa
Store at 2-8°C.
Flow Cytometry, Functional Assay
Functional Grade
MGC138290, Tp44, CD28 antigen, T-cell-specific surface glycoprotein CD28
Affinity chromatography

For Research Use Only.