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BD EnteroPluri Test

For detection of Enterobacteriaceae, other gram negative and oxidase negative bacteria

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Pack of 25 Each for $447.72
Description & Specifications

  • Disposable device used only for identification of bacteria from non-clinical samples
  • Allows simultaneous inoculation of all media present in sectors with execution of 15 biochemical reactions
  • Identification is based on biochemical tests performed on culture media with specific substrates
  • Change in color after 8 to 24 hours of incubation indicates presence of microorganisms
  • Consists of 12 sector system containing special culture media
    • Glucose/Gas: Glucose fermentation and gas production in anaerobiosis
    • Lysine: Lysine decarboxylation in anaerobiosis
    • Ornithine: Ornithine decarboxylation in anaerobiosis
    • H2S/ Indole: Hydrogen sulphide production and indole test
    • Adonitol: Adonitol fermentation
    • Lactose: Lactose fermentation
    • Arabinose: Arabinose fermentation
    • Sorbitol: Sorbitol fermentation
    • VP: Acetoin production (Voges-Proskauer)
    • Dulcitol/PA: Dulcitol fermentation and phenylalanine deamination
    • Urea: Urea hydrolysis
    • Citrate: Citrate utilization
  • For 25 tests

  • Codebook required for EnteroPluri Test helps in identification of bacteria