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Astronomy Charts

Earth, Sun and Moon: these colorful charts bring the whole solar system to your classroom

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Classification Science
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Number of known satellites, diameter, average distance from the sun, period of revolution and rotational period The Solar System Chart Each for $189.06
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Classification Science

Earth, Sun and Moon: these colorful charts bring the whole solar system to your classroom

In 1610, using the newly invented telescope, Galileo discovered that Jupiter had moons. To his amazement, he realized that planets were separate worlds.
We've incorporated Voyager's most recent data from the outer planets into this highly visual series. Large diagrams reveal the relationships of the earth to the sun and to other members of the solar system.

Astronomy Charts:
1. The Earth's Annual Revolution chart shows large colorful figures that capture the earth's circuit around the sun as well as its exact position on the first day of each of the four seasons.
2. The Solar and Lunar Eclipses chart clearly diagrams the precise alignment of the sun, moon, and earth that creates solar and lunar eclipses.
3. The Phases of the Moon chart illustrates the shifting of the illuminated and dark sides of the lunar surface during its 28-day circuit around the earth.
4. The Solar System I chart incorporates the most recent Voyager flyby data with a three-dimensional view of the solar system showing the relative sizes of each of the planets.
5. The Solar System II chart shows comets and asteroids, and portrays the true size and distance relationships of the various solar bodies.

These easy-to-understand charts were developed exclusively for elementary and junior-high students and feature vibrant full-color illustrations printed on durable Kimdura. Each chart measures 44 x 36 in., and the set is mounted on a charthead tripod base or multi-roller.

Solar System Chart
This chart displays the orbits of the nine planets and the asteroids around the sun. Each celestial body is labeled in bold type, and the orbits are well-defined by elliptical graphics.
Special tables present enlarged proportional representations of the planets in the order of their distance from the sun.

Chart measures 44 x 36 in., and is also included in set S24011-41.