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eBioscience™ Annexin V, Recombinant Protein

Recombinant Protein

$170.28 - $1,661.88


Name Annexin V
Recombinant Yes
Conjugate Unlabeled
Purity >89%
Purification Method SDS-gel electrophoresis and reverse phase HPLC
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Catalog Number Mfr. No. Quantity Price Quantity  
509282 Life Technologies
1mg Each for $1,661.88
509283 Life Technologies
300μg Each for $830.28
509284 Life Technologies
30μg Each for $170.28


Annexins are a family of calcium-dependent phospholipid-binding proteins, which bindto phosphatidylserine (PS) to identify apoptotic cells. In healthy cells, PS is predominantlylocated along the cytosolic side of the plasma membrane. Upon initiation of apoptosis,PS loses its asymmetric distribution in the phospholipid bilayer and translocates tothe extracellular membrane, which is detectable with fluorescently labeled AnnexinV. In early stages of apoptosis, the plasma membrane excludes viability dyes such aspropidium iodide (PI) and 7-AAD, therefore cells which display only Annexin V staining(PI/7-AAD negative) are in early stages of apoptosis. During late-stage apoptosis, loss ofcell membrane integrity allows Annexin V binding to cytosolic PS, as well as cell uptakeof PI and 7-AAD. Annexin V staining, paired with 7-AAD or PI is widely used to identifyapoptotic stages by flow cytometry.
Description & Specifications


Annexin V
SDS-gel electrophoresis and reverse phase HPLC
Flow Cytometric Analysis
The lyophilized protein is stable at 2-8deg;C as indicated on the label. Reconstituted Annexin V should be stored in working aliquots at -20°C.
E. coli