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Thermo Scientific™ ActivX™ Fluorophosphonate Probes

Tagged phosphonate probes to assay serine hydrolase active sites using fluorescence, biotin-affinity purification or detection, or mass spectrometry.

$571.71 - $763.02


Sufficient For 100 labeling reactions or 10 pull-down assays
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Catalog Number Mfr. No. Formulation Price Quantity  
Catalog Number Mfr. No. Formulation Price Quantity  
PI88316 Thermo Scientific™
Azido-fluorophosphonate, MW 350 Each for $763.02
PI88317 Thermo Scientific™
Desthiobiotin-fluorophosphonate, MW 464 Each for $571.71
PI88318 Thermo Scientific™
TAMRA-fluorophosphonate, MW 680 Each for $571.71


Thermo Scientific™ ActivX Fluorophosphonate (FP) Probes allow covalent labeling of the serine hydrolase active site with affinity, fluorescent or reactive tags to facilitate selective enrichment, detection or multiplex labeling.

ActivX FP Probes feature a reactive fluorophosphonate group that specifically and covalently labels the active-site serine of enzymatically active serine hydrolases. These probes are available with a desthiobiotin (biotin analog) tag for selective enrichment, TAMRA fluorophore for detection or a reactive- azido group (Staudinger reagents) that facilitates multiplex labeling when used with phosphine- or alkyne-derivatized tags. These probes can be used to assess activity or screen small molecule inhibitors against enzymes derived from cell lysates, subcellular fractions, tissues and recombinant proteins.


  • Specific – labels the reactive site of active serine hydrolases

  • Compatible – tags available for capture, detection and Staudinger conjugation

  • Flexible – use for in vitro or intracellular enzyme labeling

Recommended for:

Determine serine hydrolase enzyme activity in cells and lysates; Mapping the active-site serine of functionally diverse serine hydrolase family members (e.g. proteases, lipases, esterases); Screen for small molecule binding affinities and active-site inhibition; Profile serine hydrolases using fluorescent, Western blot or mass spectrometry workflows

Description & Specifications


100 labeling reactions or 10 pull-down assays