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Fisher Scientific™ accumet™ pH/ATC Probe for AP80 and AP70 Series Portable Meters: Mercury-Free

Replacement/accessory for accumet AP85, AP84, AP72, AP71 Portable Meters

Fisher Scientific™ Optical USB Mouse

For use with any accumet™ XL-series meter

Fisher Scientific™ accumet™ Glass Body Standard Size Combination Electrodes - Mercury-Free

For routine pH and titration measurements with small samples and small vessels, where separate half-cell electrodes may be impractical

Fisher Scientific™ Dissolved Oxygen Membrane Kit

For use with Fisher Scientific™ accumet™ Benchtop Dissolved Oxygen Meters

Fisher Scientific™ accumet™ Probe

Simple “Plug and Stir” technology for accumet XL and AB series meters

Fisher Scientific™ accumet™ Liquid-Filled Polymer Body Combination Electrodes: Mercury-Free

Ideal for measurements in small vessels or with small samples

Fisher Scientific™ accumet™ Solid-State Half-Cell ISEs - Mercury - Free

For bromide, chloride, fluoride, lead and silver/sulfide determinations

Fisherbrand™ Sparkleen™ 1 Detergent

Removes proteins, fats, oils, media, wax pencil marks, dried blood and other organic-inorganic deposits from glassware

Fisher Scientific™ accumet™ Chloride Combination Electrode - Mercury-Free

Typical applications include water/wastewater, soil, dairy, meats, tomato/vegetable products.

Fisher Scientific™ accumet™ Mercury-free Conductivity Probes: Two Cell

For use with AR60, AR50, AR20, AB30 benchtop and AP65 portable meters

Fisher Scientific™ Replacement Paddle for accumet™ Probe

For use with Fisher Scientific accumet benchtop stirring Probe (Cat. No. 13-620-BSP).

Fisher Scientific™ accumet™ Gas-Sensing Combination ISEs

For ammonia and carbon dioxide analyses; tough, chemical-resistant body; permanently bonded membrane/cap assembly—no difficult user assembly required

Fisher Scientific™ accumet™ XL200 pH/Conductivity Benchtop Meters

Provide advanced measurements with simple operation and offer a large, vivid color touch-screen display that allows for dynamic functionality. Fisher Scientific accumet XL200 pH/Conductivity benchtop meters offer advanced features with simple operation to help ensure your measurements are reliable and your laboratory processes are efficient.

Fisher Scientific™ accumet™ Universal pH/ATC Electrodes

Combination pH mercury-free electrodes with built-in temperature compensation

Fisher Scientific™ accumet™ ISE and pH Reference Electrodes - Mercury - Free

Fisher Scientific™ accumet™ ISE and pH Reference Electrodes - Mercury - Free is specially designed for superb stability with ion-selective electrodes. It contains a tough, unbreakable, chemical-resistant olymer body and has a high flowrate that is an excellent choice for many pH and titration applications.

Fisher Scientific™ accumet™ AB150 pH Benchtop Meters

Provide intuitive, simple operation and high accuracy measurements in a compact, affordable meter. Fisher Scientific accumet AB150 pH benchtop meters have large backlit display which offers great visibility in laboratory environments. The accumet AB150 pH meter is an industry favorite for when reliability and consistency in measurements matter.

Fisher Scientific™ accumet™ Micro and Semimicro Size Glass Combination Electrodes - Mercury - Free

Ideal for microwell plates, serum cups, cuvets, micro test tubes, NMR tubes and capillary tubes

Fisher Scientific™ accumet™ Solid State Combination ISEs, Mercury-Free

For bromide, chloride, copper, cyanide, fluoride, lead and silver/sulfide determinations

Fisher Scientific™ accumet™ XL250 pH/ISE Dual Channel Benchtop Meters

Provide advanced pH and ion measurements with simple operation and offer a large, vivid color touch-screen display. Fisher Scientific accumet XL250 pH/ISE dual channel benchtop meters offer advanced features with simple operation to help ensure your measurements are reliable and your laboratory processes are efficient.

Fisher Scientific™ accumet™ Metallic ORP Combination Electrode - Mercury - Free

Platinum Pin Ag/AgCl Combination electrode for environmental ORP measurements

Fisher Scientific™ accumet™ BOD Probe for accumet Benchtop Dissolved Oxygen Meters, Mercury-Free

Self-stirring BOD Probe for all current accumet benchtop meters with dissolved oxygen mode.


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