Classroom Furniture

Eisco™ Goggle Sanitizer Cabinet

UV light kills the germs on goggles after laboratory use.

Diversified Woodcrafts™ Oak Table with Plain Aprons

Outfit your lab with easy-to-maintain furniture. Diversified Oak Table with Plain Aprons are made of smoothly machined oak, providing long-lasting usability and easy care.

Fisherbrand™ Vinyl Mini-Stool - Medium Bench Height with Casters in Grade B Vinyl

Fisherbrand™ Grade B vinyl Mini-Stool is height adjustable for 36 in. work surfaces and feature 360-degree control mechanisms and self-braking casters. Antibacterial/antifungal Grade B vinyl in a variety of colors and small foot print make this great for teacher use at kidney tables.

Geology-Paleontology Specimen Cabinet without Trays

Provides excellent way to store your geology and paleontology collection.

Diversified Woodcrafts™ Steel Workbench

Constructed from heavy gauge steel members that can be combined in several ways.

Fisherbrand™ Huron Polyurethane Stool - Desk Height with Stationary Glides in Polyurethane

Fisherbrand™ Huron Polyurethane Stools are height adjustable for 31 in. work surfaces and feature 310-degree control mechanism and stationary glides. Self-skinning polyurethane is chemical, soil, and puncture resistant and is easily cleaned.

Diversified Woodcrafts™ Instructor Desk without Sink

Complete demonstration center constructed of solid oak, oak hardwood and oak veneers.

Fisherbrand™ Core Vinyl Chair - Medium Bench Height with Chrome Foot Ring and Stationary Glides in Grade B Vinyl

Fisherbrand™ Core Vinyl Chairs with stationary glides are height adjustable for 36 in. work surfaces & feature manual back height & depth adjustments & chrome adjustable foot ring making them ideal for educational environments.Offers antibacterial/antifungal Grade B vinyl in a variety of colors.

Geology-Paleontology Specimen Cabinet Trays

Trays have reinforced channel slides with smooth double-thick edges.

Diversified Woodcrafts™ Stainless-Steel Tables

Diversified Stainless-Steel Table features a top with integrally welded C channels to prevent sagging.

Fisherbrand™ Core Polyurethane Chair - Medium Bench Height with Round Tube Base and Casters

Fisherbrand™ Core Polyurethane Chairs with Round Tube Base are height adjustable for 36 in. work surfaces and feature manual adjustments and fixed foot ring. Self-skinning polyurethane is heavy-duty. It is ideal for tough environments.

Fisherbrand™ Gyroscope Stool

Fisherbrand™ Gyroscope Stool with Hanging Foot Rest features 360-degree all-around height adjustment control and soil, chemical, and puncture resistant polyurethane stool top. Perfect for gyroscope experiments!

Diversified Woodcrafts™ Extra-Large Mobile Demo Unit DFS Item

Features one file drawer with full extension glides, 3 smaller drawers and two cupboard spaces with locks and wire pulls.

Fisherbrand™ Polypropylene Shell Chair - Medium Bench Height with Round Tube Base and Stationary Glides

Fisherbrand™ Polypropylene Shell Chairs are adjustable for use at 36 in. work surfaces and feature round tube base with fixed foot ring and stationary glides. Contoured polypropylene seats are easily cleaned making them ideal for school environments.

Diversified Woodcrafts™ Expanding Stem Caster DFS Item

For use with stainless-steel tables

Herbarium Specimen Cabinet

Protect plant specimens from damaging elements conveniently and easily.