Laboratory Workstation Organizers

Restek™ TopLoader BalanceBank Storage Unit DFS Item

Creates a neat, highly functional weighing area and workstation. Restek™ TopLoader BalanceBank Storage Unit provides easy access to wipers, weigh papers, boats, and spatulas.

Poltex PCR Hood Organizer DFS Item

To organize pipettors, tips and tubes inside PCR hood. Poltex PCR Hood Organizer is used to store items on flat top and underneath the unit.

Poltex 5 Pocket Vertical Lab Bench Organizer with Pipette Controller Bracket DFS Item

Stacks items vertically to free up valuable benchtop space

Restek™ HPLC 30-Column Storage Cabinet DFS Item

Saves space and protects columns.

Poltex Foley Catheter Organizer DFS Item

Poltex Foley Catheter Organizer includes label tabs for each space

Bel-Art™ SP Scienceware™ Lab Drawer Compartment Tray

Invaluable for storing small items.

Poltex Phlebotomy Organizer DFS Item

To organize phlebotomy supplies at the station.

Poltex Suture Rack DFS Item

Poltex Suture Rack stores common suture box sizes

Restek™ Mini pHPerch Storage Unit DFS Item

Designed for pH meter supplies

TrippNT Lab Organizers DFS Item

TrippNT Lab Organizers, 30-Column Cabinet, For Use With: Protects columns and helps maintain inventory

Bel-Art™ SP Scienceware™ Drawer Organizers

Practical and functional solutions for organizing the “stuff” of daily lab life

Poltex Vertical Lab Benchtop Organizer DFS Item

Poltex Vertical Lab Benchtop Organizer stacks tips or other lab items vertically to preserve benchtop space

Poltex 5 Pocket Vertical Lab Bench Organizer DFS Item

Stacks items vertically to free up valuable benchtop space