Auto Analyzer Tubes

Fisherbrand™ Disposable Auto-Analyzer Cups

Specifically designed for use with most clinical instrumentation

Starplex™ Scientific False Bottom Analyzer Tube

Designed for high-volume analyzer aspiration probes incapable of reaching the bottoms of larger sample tubes

Greiner Bio-One Polystyrene Conical Bottom Analyzer Cups

Greiner Bio-One Cell 1.5mL Polystyrene Conical Bottom Analyzer Cups suitable for use with analytical systems, such as Technicon, Gemsaec, Centrifichem, Hitachi, TOA and Coulter analyzers.

Globe Scientific Analyzer Specific Sample Cup

Made to exact specifications, these sample cups provide excellent optical properties

Greiner Bio-One Sample Cup for Coulter Counter™ Analyzers

For use with Coulter Counter Analyzer systems. Greiner Bio-One Sample Cup for Coulter Counter™ Analyzers are made of polystyrene.

Greiner Bio-One Analyzer Cup

For use with Hitachi analytical system. Greiner Bio-One Analyzer Cup is used in wide variety of auto analyzer carousels.