DNA Vectors

Invitrogen™ Champion™ pET SUMO Expression System DFS Item

Yield high levels of protein expression in E. coli

Invitrogen™ EasySelect™ Pichia Expression Kit DFS Item

Provides all needed components for protein production in yeast Pichia pastoris

Invitrogen™ 293A Cell Line DFS Item

Contains a stably integrated copy of the E1 gene that supplies the E1 proteins (E1a and E1b) required to generate recombinant adenovirus

Invitrogen™ GS115, Pichia pastoris Yeast Strain DFS Item

Optimize expression and recovery of protein of interest

Promega pGEM™-T and pGEM™-T Easy Vector Systems DFS Item

Convenient systems for the routine subcloning of PCR products

Invitrogen™ Gateway™ pDEST™15 Vector DFS Item

Destination vectors for expression in E. coli, insect, yeast, or mammalian cells, as well as for production of native protein or N- or C-terminal fusion proteins

Invitrogen™ pENTR™/D-TOPO™ Cloning Kit, with One Shot™ TOP10 Chemically Competent E. coli DFS Item

Efficient, 5-minute cloning strategy to directionally clone blunt-end PCR product into vector for entry into Gateway System or MultiSite Gateway System

Promega™ pTARGET™ Mammalian Expression Vector System DFS Item

For convenient cloning of PCR products and expression of cloned PCR products in mammalian cells

Invitrogen™ CT-GFP Fusion TOPO™ Expression Kit DFS Item

Designed to allow fusion of protein of interest to Cycle 3 GFP protein

Invitrogen™ pYES2/CT Yeast Expression Vector DFS Item

S. cerevisiae expression vector derived from the parental pYES2 vector

Invitrogen™ Gateway™ pYES-DEST52 Vector DFS Item

Designed for rapid cloning with Gateway entry clone using lambda phage site-specific recombination and subsequent expression in Saccharomyces cerevisiae

Invitrogen™ ElectroMAX™ A. tumefaciens LBA4404 Cells DFS Item

Agrobacterium cells that have been specially prepared for transformation by electroporation

Promega™ pBR322 Vector DFS Item

Carries the genes for tetracycline and ampicillin resistance

Promega pSV-β-Galactosidase Control Vector DFS Item

A positive control vector for monitoring transfection efficiencies of mammalian cells. The SV40 early promoter and enhancer drive transcription of the lacZ gene, which encodes the beta-galactosidase enzyme.

Invitrogen™ pLenti6/V5-DEST™ Gateway™ Vector DFS Item

For lentiviral-based expression of a target gene in dividing and nondividing mammalian cells

Invitrogen™ pYES2.1 TOPO™ TA Yeast Expression Kit DFS Item

Offers direct cloning of Taq-amplified PCR product into a Saccharomyces cerevisiae expression vector

Promega™ pSP72 Vector DFS Item

Offer a wide range of restriction sites for versatile cloning and in vitro transcription

Gibco™ pcDNA™3.4 TOPO™ TA Cloning Kit DFS Item

Used in suspension-adapted cells for transient protein expression. Gibco™ pcDNA™3.4 TOPO™ TA Cloning Kit is a constitutive mammalian expression vector designed to deliver exceptionally high levels of transgene expression.

Invitrogen™ ProBond™ Nickel-Chelating Resin DFS Item

ProBond™ Nickel-Chelating Resin

Invitrogen™ pcDNA™6 BioEase™ Gateway™ Biotinylation System DFS Item

Provides an easy, efficient method for expressing, purifying, and detecting biotinylated recombinant proteins

Promega pCI and pCI-neo Mammalian Expression Vectors DFS Item

Contains the CMV immediate-early enhancer/promoter region and is designed to promote constitutive expression of cloned DNA inserts in mammalian cells.

Invitrogen™ Bac-to-Bac™ HT Vector Kit DFS Item

Designed for use as part of Bac-to-Bac Baculovirus Expression System for expression and purification of histidine-tagged recombinant proteins in Sf9, Sf21, or High Five™ Cells following bacmid generation in E. coli

Invitrogen™ pcDNA™3.1 (+) Mammalian Expression Vector DFS Item

Designed for high-level, constitutive expression in a variety of mammalian cell lines

Invitrogen™ pcDNA™6.2-DEST Mammalian Expression Vector DFS Item

Designed for high-level, constitutive expression in variety of mammalian cell lines

Invitrogen™ pAd/CMV/V5-DEST™ Gateway™ Vector Kit DFS Item

For easy recombination-based cloning and adenoviral-based, transient expression of a target gene in dividing and nondividing mammalian cells

Invitrogen™ pTEF1/Zeo DFS Item

A 3.6kb vector designed to allow to create cloning and/or expression vectors that confer resistance to Zeocin in both E. coli and yeast strains

Promega™ pAdVAntage™ Vector DFS Item

Enhances transient protein expression in a variety of cell types by increasing translation initiation

MilliporeSigma™ Upstate™ TCF Reporter Plasmid Kit

Set of transfection grade T cell factor (TCF) reporter plasmids for use in TOPFlash and FOPFlash wnt/b-catenin activity assays.