Marque de commerce Titulaire de la marque
O.S. Quidel Corp.
O/H Pak North Safety Products
O'GeneRuler Thermo Fisher Scientific
O'RangeRuler Thermo Fisher Scientific
Oaktec Oak Technical Inc.
Oaktex Oak Technical Inc.
Oakton Cole-Parmer Instrument Co.
Oasis Kimberly-Clark Corp.
Ob-Scertainer Lab-Aids, Inc.
Obelisc Sielc Technologies
Oberon Oberon
OBSERVA Biomerieux, Inc.
Observer Orion
OccuLux OccuNomix
Occunomix Occunomix International
Occupational Hazards Occupational Hazards, Inc.
Ocelot Boekel Scientific
Octapette Corning
Octastrip Corning
Octocolumn Promega Corp.
OdoClave Bel-Art Products
OdorGone Decon Laboratories
Odormycin Temuka Diagnostics Limited
Odorplex Sage Pharmaceuticals
Odyssey LI-COR Biosciences
Oertling W & T Avery Ltd.
Office Depot Office Depot, Inc.
OfficeDuster Advantus Corporation
Officemate Chen, Peter
Offset North Safety Products
Ohaus Ohaus Corp.
Ohm-Cide Static Solutions Inc.
Ohm-Shield Static Solutions Inc.
Ohm-Stat Static Solutions Inc.
OI Detector Electronics Corporation
OIA Inverness Medical
Oil-X domnick hunter
OK Propper Manufacturing
OK-1 OK-1 Manufacturing Co., Inc.
OligoStandards Thermo Fisher Scientific
Olympus Olympus America Inc.
Omaha Steaks Omaha Steaks International, Inc.
oMALDI Applera Corp.
OMEGA CamelBak Products
Omega Pall Corporation
Omega Contec Inc.
Omega Shield Microflex Medical
Omni Ansell
Omni International Omni International
Omni Prep Omni International
Omni Tip Omni International
Omni-Brite Avery Dennison Corporation
Omni-Flo Haws Corporation
Omni-Pette Wheaton Inc.
Omni-Reacto Station Thermo Fisher Scientific
OMNI-Sampler Thermo Fisher Scientific
Omni-Vial Wheaton Inc.
OMNIC Thermo Fisher Scientific
OmniCap Omnifit, Ltd.
Omnifit Omnifit, Ltd.
OmniFLEX Bruker Daltonics
OmniGlow OmniGlow Corporation
OmniMix Cepheid Corporation
OmniPac Thermo Fisher Scientific
OmniPur EM Industries, Inc.
OmniScribe Allen Datagraph
OmniSette Fisher Scientific
OmniSolv EM Industries, Inc.
Omnispense Wheaton Inc.
OmniSwab Whatman Inc.
OmniTech Omni International
OmniTray Iomega Corp.
OmniTrust Omni International
OMNIView Applied Materials, Inc.
On-Target Thermo Fisher Scientific
ON-TARGETplus Thermo Fisher Scientific
ONE Broth Thermo Fisher Scientific
One Click Mettler Toledo
One Shot Invitrogen
One Source, Infinite Solutions Fisher Scientific
One Touch Aearo Technologies
One Touch LifeScan, Inc.
One Touch II Data Dock Johnson & Johnson
One-Fit Sperian
ONE-Glo Promega Corp.
One-Sep Wheaton Inc.
One-Shot Technical Concepts L.P.
One-Step Corning
One-Stop PlugShop Moldex
One-Touch Thermo Fisher Scientific
One-Touch Calibration Thermo Fisher Scientific
One-Touch Measurement Thermo Fisher Scientific
OneHand Simport Plastics
OnePette Corning
OneStep Bradley Corp.
Onguard Onguard
ONYX Coulter International Corp.
Onyx MSA
Op-Tema Willson
OpArrays Operon Biotechnologies, Inc.
Open Access Thermo Fisher Scientific
OPEN BIOSYSTEMS Thermo Fisher Scientific
Open Windows Cogent Data Technologies, Inc.
Open-Center Stay Ergodyne Corporation
OpenGL Silicon Graphics, Inc.
Opera Opera Software ASA
Opera Software Opera Software ASA
Operation Space Chase Learning Resources, Inc.
Operational Simplicity Thermo Fisher Scientific
Operon Operon Biotechnologies, Inc.
OpHyb Operon Biotechnologies, Inc.
Opossum Owl Separation Systems
Opsys Thermo Fisher Scientific
Opsys MR Thermo Fisher Scientific
Opti-Aid Bradley Fixture
Opti-Freeze MP Biomedicals
Opti-Guard Optimize Technologies
Opti-Klens Desert Assembly, Inc.
Opti-Lok Optimize Technologies
Opti-Seal Optimize Technologies
Opti-Soft Cardinal Health
Opti-Solv Optimize Technologies
OptiBind Thermo Fisher Scientific
OptiCell Thermo Fisher Scientific
Opticlear Kimble Glass
OptiClone MP Biomedicals
Opticon Bio-Rad Laboratories
Opticul BD (Becton, Dickinson and Company)
OptiDry Fisher Scientific
OptiFilter MSA
Optifreeze MP Biomedicals
OptiGrow Fisher Scientific
Optik-Wipes Fisher Scientific
OptiLink Thermo Fisher Scientific
Optilux BD (Becton, Dickinson and Company)
Optiluxiso BD (Becton, Dickinson and Company)
Optima Fisher Scientific
Optima LCMS Fisher Scientific
OptimAir MSA
Optimase Transgenomic, Inc.
OptiMatrixx Leica Microsystems, Inc.
Optimax FT Cardinal Health
Optime Aearo Technologies
Optimizer Millipore Corp.
Optimuff Howard Leight
Optimum Results Thermo Fisher Scientific
OptiPhase Optiphase, Inc.
OptiPlate Packard Instrument Co.
OptiPrep Nycomed Amersham International
OptiPro Smart Solutions
OptiQuant Thermo Fisher Scientific
OptiRead Thermo Fisher Scientific
Optisorb Bacou-Dalloz
Optispeed Labconco
OptiStart Invitrogen
Optitran Schleicher & Schuell
Optizyme Fisher Scientific
Optrel Sperian
OPUS PB Diagnostic Systems
Oracle Oracle Corporation
Oragene DNA Genotek
Orange County Choppers Orange County Choppers Design Properties, LLC LTD
Oranyl Otis Clapp & Son
Oranylplus Otis Clapp & Son
Orbit Thermo Fisher Scientific
Orbitrap Thermo Fisher Scientific
Orbitrap Elite Thermo Fisher Scientific
Orbitrap Velos Pro Thermo Fisher Scientific
Orbitron I Boekel Scientific
Orbitron II Boekel Scientific
ORBO Supelco, Inc.
Oregon Skedco, Inc.
Oregon Green Molecular Probes, Inc.
Organex-Q Millipore Corp.
Organicfree Thermo Fisher Scientific
Organization Station Learning Resources, Inc.
Origen Igen Inc.
OriGene OriGene Technologies, Inc.
Orion Thermo Fisher Scientific
Orion MSA
Orion Thermo Fisher Scientific
Orion Willson
Orion Star Thermo Fisher Scientific
Orion Starts Thermo Fisher Scientific
Orlon E.I. duPont de Nemours
ORPTestr Cole-Parmer Instrument Co.
Orthane EP Scientific
Ortho Stand Tennessee Mat Company, Inc.
Ortho-Clinical Diagnostics Johnson & Johnson
Orthoclone OKT Johnson & Johnson
Osborn Scientific Osborn Scientific Group
OSHACoach Safety Software, Inc.
OSHALOG Safety Software, Inc.
OSM Organic Sales & Marketing, Inc.
Osmette Precision Systems
Osmette A Precision Systems
Osmette II Precision Systems
Osmette III Precision Systems
Osmette S Precision Systems
Osmette XL Precision Systems
Osmonics GE Osmonics
OSOM Genzyme Corporation
OSTEOMARK Ostex International, Inc.
Oster Sunbeam Corporation
Osterizer Sunbeam Corporation
Ostex Ostex International, Inc.
OTG Uvex Safety
OTT-LITE Environmental Lighting Concepts, Inc.
Otter Boxes Otter Products
Outer Banks Jasper Textiles, Inc.
Outlaw American Allsafe Co.
Outlook Microsoft Corp.
Ovation VistaLab Technologies
Over-the-Spill Rubbermaid
Overdrive Wheaton Inc.
OvuKIT Quidel Corp.
Ovuquick Quidel Corp.
Owl Thermo Fisher Scientific
OX Aearo Technologies
Oxford Oxford Worldwide LLC
Oxi WTW Measurement Systems
OxiCal WTW Measurement Systems
OxiFerm BD (Becton, Dickinson and Company)
OxiTop WTW Measurement Systems
Oxoid Oxoid Inc.
Oxone E.I. duPont de Nemours
OXSAS Thermo Fisher Scientific
Oxscan Thermo Fisher Scientific
Oxy-Max Alltech Associates
Oxy-Swab Thermo Fisher Scientific
Oxy-Trap Alltech Associates
OXYTUNE Thermo Fisher Scientific
Oyster Extech Instruments Corp.