Marque de commerce Titulaire de la marque
I InterBio
I Plate BD (Becton, Dickinson and Company)
I-Chem National Scientific Co.
I-Chem Certified National Scientific Co.
I-CORE Cepheid Corporation
I-D National Scientific Co.
I-Loc Wheaton Inc.
I-PER Thermo Fisher Scientific
I-Prin Textilease
I-Series Denver Instrument
I-STAT I-STAT Corporation
I.D. PRO Brady Corp.
i.Lon Echelon Corp.
I/O Willson
I/P Cole-Parmer Instrument Co.
IB Porex Corporation
IBD-CHEK Techlab Enteric Diagnostics
IBD-SCAN Techlab Enteric Diagnostics
iBlot Invitrogen
iBook Macintosh
IC Cube Thermo Fisher Scientific
IC-Green Akorn, Inc.
iCAP Thermo Fisher Scientific
ICAT University of Washington, Seattle, USA
iCE Thermo Fisher Scientific
ICE 2.4 Eye Safety Systems
Ice-It Thermo Fisher Scientific
IceAssure 3M
IceBlue Restek Corporation
iCharge Advanced Charger Technology
ICN MP Biomedicals
Icon Tingley Rubber Corporation
ICON Hybritech
ICRI Communications-Applied Technology
Ictotest Bayer Corp.
Icy Blue Ones American Allsafe Co.
iCycler iQ Bio-Rad Laboratories, Inc.
ID Pal Brady Corp.
Idea Factory Learning Resources, Inc.
Ideal Beckman Instruments
IdeaShare General Binding Corp.
IDEIA Thermo Fisher Scientific
Identi-Plug Jaece Industries
IdentiFINDER ICX Technologies GmbH, a FLIR Systems, Inc. subsidiary
IdentiFINDER 2 ICX Technologies GmbH, a FLIR Systems, Inc. subsidiary
IDEV Thermo Fisher Scientific
IDXPERT Brady Corp.
IFD Whatman Inc.
iGels Gradipore Limited
IGEN IGEN International
IGEPAL General Dyestuff Corporation
IHC Select Millipore Corp.
IL Instrumentation Laboratory
IL1302 Instrumentation Laboratory
IL1304 Instrumentation Laboratory
IL1306 Instrumentation Laboratory
IL1312 Instrumentation Laboratory
iLink BioTek
illustra GE Healthcare
illustra NAP GE Healthcare
Illustrator Adobe Systems Incorporated
ILM Millipore Corp.
iLoupe Aven, Inc.
imac Apple Computer
Imageexpress Graphic Enterprises Inc.
ImageEZE Spectronics Corp.
ImageMate SanDisk Corporation
IMAGEN Thermo Fisher Scientific
ImaGene BioDiscovery, Inc.
ImageQuant GE Healthcare
ImageQuest Thermo Fisher Scientific
Imager I Scott Eagle
Imager II Scott Eagle
ImagiCalc ImagiWorks Inc.
ImagiGraph ImagiWorks Inc.
ImagiLab ImagiWorks Inc.
ImagiMath ImagiWorks Inc.
ImagiProbe ImagiWorks Inc.
ImagiSolve ImagiWorks Inc.
ImagiWorks ImagiWorks Inc.
Imation Imation Corp.
Imject Thermo Fisher Scientific
Immage Beckman Coulter Inc.
Immobile-Vac CMC Rescue
Immobiline GE Healthcare
Immobilizer Exiqon A/S, Vedbaek, Denmark
Immobilon Millipore Corp.
Immu-Mount Thermo Fisher Scientific
Immulon Thermo Fisher Scientific
ImmuMark MP Biomedicals
Immun-Star Bio-Rad
Immunex Carter-Wallace Inc.
ImmunO MP Biomedicals
Immuno-Brite Beckman Coulter
IMMUNO-TROL Beckman Coulter
ImmunoCAP Thermo Fisher Scientific
ImmunoCard Meridian Diagnostics
ImmunoCard STAT! Meridian Bioscience
ImmunoDip Diagnostic Chemicals, Ltd.
ImmunoDOT Gen-Bio
ImmunoPure Thermo Fisher Scientific
Immunosimplicity Diamedix Corporation
ImmunoStat Whittaker M.A. Bioproducts, Inc.
ImmunoWare Thermo Fisher Scientific
ImmunoWELL General Biometrics, Inc.
ImmuTROL International Enzymes, Inc.
Imodium Johnson & Johnson
Impact Omniglow Corporation
Impact Bilsom
Impact Rubella Carter-Wallace Inc.
Impacto Safeguard Technologies
Imperial Thermo Fisher Scientific
Implus Implus Corp.
ImProm-II Promega Corp.
IMx Abbott Labs
iN Thermo Fisher Scientific
In-Line Quidel Corp.
In-Room Covidien (Kendall Healthcare)
InCal Ohaus Corp.
InCELLect Promega Corporation
InCert FMC Corporation
Inchworms Learning Resources, Inc.
Inclination Technology Labconco
Inconel Inco Alloys International
IncuSoft GSLE Development Corporation
Indiko Thermo Fisher Scientific
Indura Westex Inc.
Industrial Scientific Industrial Scientific
INDX Integrated Diagnostics, Inc.
Inertsil GL Sciences, Inc.
Infecon COM-PAC International
Inficon Inficon Leybold-Heraeus
Infinity Rubbermaid
Infinity Thermo Fisher Scientific
Infinity Sigma-Aldrich Co LLC
InFit Mettler Toledo
InfoTherm Scott Health and Safety
Infradura Bacou-Dalloz
InfraRed Restek Corporation
Infratec Foss A/S
Infusion Harness Harvard Apparatus
Ingenio Mirus Corporation
InGuard Thermo Fisher Scientific
Inhibigen Thermo Fisher Scientific
InjectMan Eppendorf AG
InkJet Hewlett-Packard
InLab Mettler Toledo
Inlinepolyspillpallot Enpac Corp.
Innerzone Eye Safety Systems
InnoCal Cole-Parmer Instrument Co.
INNOphase Hewlett-Packard
Innova New Brunswick Scientific
Innovac Innovative Medical Technologies, Inc.
Innovating Science Aldon Corporation
inoLab WTW Measurement Systems
InPouch BioMed Diagnostics, Inc.
Inquisitor Oxford GlycoSciences
INRatio HemoSense, Inc.
Insect-XPRESS Cambrex Corporation
Insectagro Mediatech, Inc.
Inside Supply Management Institute for Supply Management, Inc.
Insight Honda Motor Co., Ltd.
InsightONE Thermo Fisher Scientific
InSite Hygiena International
InSlide Out Boekel Scientific
Inspection Manager TISCOR (Brady Subsidiary)
Inspector Alert International Medcom
InspectR Contec Inc.
Insta-Chek Micro Essential Laboratory
Insta-Gard Cardinal Health
Insta-Glucose Valeant Pharmaceuticals International
Insta-Test LaMotte Chemical Products Co.
InsTAclone Thermo Fisher Scientific
Instant Ocean Aquarium Systems, Inc.
Instant-View Alfa Scientific Designs, Inc.
InstantBlue PAGEgel, Inc.
InstantPlus Boehringer Mannheim
InstaStain Edvotek
Instatherm Ace Glass
Instill Dow Chemical
Instromark TimeMed Labeling Systems
Instrument Quality Seastar Chemicals, Inc.
Instrument Specific Porex Corporation
InsulatedShipper Tegrant Corporation
Insulator Ansell
InSure FIT Enterix Inc.
Intacta Dow Chemical
Integra Integra Miltex
Integra Thermo Fisher Scientific
Integra High Five
Integral Perkin Elmer
Integral Migration Path Thermo Fisher Scientific
Integrid BD (Becton, Dickinson and Company)
Integritest Millipore Corp.
Intel Intel Corp.
Intel Atom Intel Corp.
Intelagard Intelagard, Inc.
IntelliFlow Millipore Corp.
IntelliGen Millipore Corp.
IntelliGene TaKaRa Mirus Bio
IntelliPower Thermo Fisher Scientific
Intelliscan Pictronics Corp.
IntelliScope Orion
Intellisense SurVivaLink Corporation
IntelliShutter Thermo Fisher Scientific
Intellishutter Scott Instruments
IntelliSource Thermo Fisher Scientific
Intellution Intellution, Inc.
INTERACTIVA Thermo Fisher Scientific
Interceptor Thermo Fisher Scientific
InterMetro InterMetro Industries
Internet Explorer Microsoft Corporation
Interrogator AB SCIEX
Intra-Well Calibration Technology Zeus Scientific, Inc.
Intramedic BD (Becton, Dickinson and Company)
InTray BioMed Diagnostics, Inc.
IntrLogic Thermo Fisher Scientific
Invader Rubbermaid
Invertoskop Carl Zeiss
InVitro Thermo Fisher Scientific
Invitrogen Thermo Fisher Scientific
Iodo-Beads Thermo Fisher Scientific
IODO-GEN Thermo Fisher Scientific
Iomega Iomega Corp.
Ion Bright Thermo Fisher Scientific
Ion-Ex Millipore Corp.
Ionalyzer Thermo Fisher Scientific
IonPac Thermo Fisher Scientific
IonPhor Thermo Fisher Scientific
Ionplus Thermo Fisher Scientific
Ionpure IP Holding Co.
IonSwift Thermo Fisher Scientific
Ioplate Millipore Corp.
Iopor Millipore Corp.
iOS Cisco
IOTest Beckman Coulter
iPad Apple, Inc.
iPAQ Compaq Computer Corporation
iPhone Apple, Inc.
iPod Apple Computer
iPrep Invitrogen Corp. (Life Technologies Corp.)
iPRO 5000 Thermo Fisher Scientific
Iprotab North Safety Products
IQ Thermo Fisher Scientific
iQ5 Bio-Rad Laboratories, Inc.
IR/PC Willson
Iradecon Decon Laboratories
IRDye LI-COR Biosciences
Irganox Ciba
Iris Iris International
Iron Eagle Tingley Rubber Corporation
iS Thermo Fisher Scientific
ISCBA Scott Health and Safety
iScience Applera Corporation
iScreen Instant Technologies, Inc.
ISEasy Thermo Fisher Scientific
ISIS MDL Information Systems
IsmaTec IsmaTec Corp.
ISO International Organization for Standardization
ISO-Filters BD (Becton, Dickinson and Company)
ISO-POD TVI Corporation
Iso-Sensitest Thermo Fisher Scientific
Iso-Shield MP Biomedicals
IsoBlue MP Biomedicals
IsoClean E.I. duPont de Nemours
Isodat Thermo Fisher Scientific
IsoFlow Beckman Coulter
IsoGel FMC Corporation
Isolator Wrap Thermo Fisher Scientific
Isolink Thermo Fisher Scientific
IsoLink Thermo Fisher Scientific
Isolon Fisher Scientific
Isolyse Coulter International Corp.
Isopar Exxon Corporation
Isopore Millipore Corp.
Isotemp Fisher Scientific
Isotherm E.D. Bullard
IsoTip Corning
Isoton Coulter International Corp.
IsoVitaleX BD (Becton, Dickinson and Company)
ISQ Thermo Fisher Scientific
iTEVA Thermo Fisher Scientific
ITK Quantum Dot Corporation
ITQ Thermo Fisher Scientific
ITQ-1100 Thermo Fisher Scientific
ITQ-700 Thermo Fisher Scientific
ITQ-900 Thermo Fisher Scientific
iTR Thermo Fisher Scientific
iTRAQ Applera Corporation
Itronix Itronix Corporation
ITS BD (Becton, Dickinson and Company)
ITS+ BD (Becton, Dickinson and Company)
iTunes Apple Computer
ITW ALMA Alma, Inc.
ITW Chemtronics ITW Chemtronics
ITW Texwipe ITW Texwipe
Ivarest Blistex, Inc.
Ivex Millipore Corp.
Ivy Screen North Safety Products
Ivy X ISIS Investment Inc.
IvyBlock EnviroDerm Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
IvyCleanse EnviroDerm Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
IvySoothe EnviroDerm Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
Iwaki Iwaki Co., Ltd.
iZ Thermo Fisher Scientific
Izone Polaroid