Marque de commerce Titulaire de la marque
C-Flex Concept Polymer
C-Tubes Wheaton Inc.
C. DIFF CHEK Wampole Laboratories
C/N Screen Thermo Fisher Scientific
CA 15-3 Centocor Products
CA 19-9 Centocor Products
CA 72-4 Centocor Products
CA-125 Centocor Products
Cable-Free Thermo Fisher Scientific
Cabot Cabot Corp.
CAD Thermo Fisher Scientific
Cadence Science Cadence, Inc.
Caframo Caframo Ltd.
CAHN Thermo Fisher Scientific
Cair Abbott Labs
Cajon Swagelok Co.
Cal Stat Steris Corp.
Cal-Chex Streck Laboratories
Cal-Ex Fisher Scientific
CAL•VER Thermo Fisher Scientific
Calagel Tec Laboratories
Calc-U-Store Learning Resources, Inc.
Calc-U-Tote Learning Resources, Inc.
Calc-U-Vue Learning Resources, Inc.
CalCord Glas-Col Apparatus Co.
Calculator Connections Learning Resources, Inc.
Calculator-Based Laboratory Texas Instruments
CalDose Thermo Fisher Scientific
Calgiswab Hardwood Products
Calgon Calgon Corporation
Caliber Hoefer, Inc.
Calibra Wheaton Inc.
Calibra Socorex
CalibrationWizard Sonnetch Ltd.
Calibrex Socorex
Callaway Callaway Golf Company
Calpain-Glo Promega Corp.
Calypso Charybdis Technologies
Cambrelle E.I. duPont de Nemours
Cambrelle Camtrex Fabrics, Limited
Cambridge SoundWorks Cambridge SoundWorks Inc.
Camco Cambridge Diagnostic Products, Inc.
Camedia Olympus America Inc.
CamelBak CamelBak Products
CAMEO National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration
Cameo GE Osmonics
CamLok TVI Corporation
Camo Plugs Moldex-Metric, Inc.
cAMP-Glo Promega Corp.
Campy Pouch BD (Becton, Dickinson and Company)
CampyGen Oxoid Inc.
Campylobacter Oxoid Inc.
CampyPak BD (Becton, Dickinson and Company)
CampyPak Plus BD (Becton, Dickinson and Company)
Campyslide BD (Becton, Dickinson and Company)
CandidaTube Thermo Fisher Scientific
Canine Genotypes Thermo Fisher Scientific
Canners and Handlers Ansell
Cannon Canon
Cannonball Best Mfg.
Canon Canon
CAP (Constant Airflow Profile) Labconco
Capcell Pak Shiseido Co., Ltd.
Capcell PAK C18AQ Shiseido Co., Ltd.
CAPIJECT Terumo Corporation
Capillary GuardGold Thermo Fisher Scientific
Capinsert Simport Plastics
CapLC Waters Corporation
CapMate American Allsafe Co.
Capsuhelic Dwyer Instruments, Inc.
Captain LOMO Corp.
Captiva Varian, Inc.
Captor Bel-Art Products
Capture-Tec Invitrogen
CapturePro Pegasus Imaging Corp
Carb-X Rubbermaid
Carbamide The Chemical Company
Carbitol Union Carbide
CarboBIND Corning
CarboLink Thermo Fisher Scientific
Carboloy Carboloy, Inc.
Carbolpol B.F. Goodrich
Carbon Shield PGI, Inc.
Carbon-Cap Whatman Inc.
CarbonX Chapman Thermal Products
CarboPac Thermo Fisher Scientific
Carbowax Union Carbide
CarboxyLink Thermo Fisher Scientific
Carbtex Bacou-Dalloz
Cardiac Science Cardiac Science Corp.
Cardinal Health Cardinal Health
CardioChek Polymer Technology Systems, Inc.
CardioImmune Medical Analysis Systems
CardioisoZyme Medical Analysis Systems
CardioProfilER Biosite Diagnostics, Inc.
CardioTech International CardioTech International
CARDS Quidel Corp.
Carelet Gainor Medical
CarePac Mettler Toledo
Carl Zeiss Carl Zeiss
Carle Chandler Engineering Co., LLC
Carolina Carolina Biological Supply Company
CART Wheaton Inc.
CART2 Wheaton Inc.
Carter Thermo Fisher Scientific
Cartlet Fisher Scientific
Cary Varian, Inc.
CAS Registry Number American Chemical Society
Cascade Blue Molecular Probes Inc. (Life Technologies Corp.)
CASCO Thermo Fisher Scientific
Casi-Rusco GE Interlogix, Inc.
Casio Casio Computer Co.
CaspACE Promega Corp.
Caspase-Glo Promega Corp.
Cassette Thermo Fisher Scientific
Cassiopeia Casio Computer Co.
Castaloy Fisher Scientific
Cat-A-Phase Thermo Fisher Scientific
Catch and Release Millipore Corp.
Cathra Oxoid Inc.
Cation Atlas Thermo Fisher Scientific
Cation MicroMembrane Suppressor Thermo Fisher Scientific
Cation Self-Regenerating Suppressor Thermo Fisher Scientific
Cavalier Best Mfg.
Cavicide Metrex Research Corp.
Cavro Cavro Scientific Instruments, Inc.
CB Omni Thermo Fisher Scientific
CB Omni Flex Thermo Fisher Scientific
CBL Texas Instruments
CBR Texas Instruments
CC100 Cardinal Health Corp
CC2 Thermo Fisher Scientific
CCES Thermo Fisher Scientific
CCP Millipore Corp.
CCS Thermo Fisher Scientific
CD Builder AppletWare Inc.
CD-Chex Streck Laboratories
CDI Eye Safety Systems
cDNA Cycle Invitrogen
CDP-Star Tropix, Inc.
CDT BD (Becton, Dickinson and Company)
CE System Microflex Corporation
CE4 System Microflex Corporation
Cease-Fire Justrite Mfg. Co.
Cederroth Cederroth
CEDIA Roche Diagnostics
Cefinase BD (Becton, Dickinson and Company)
Celatom EaglePicher Technologies
Celcon Celanese Group
Celeron Intel Corp.
Celestron Celestron International Corp.
Celite Manville Corporation
Cell Boost 3 Thermo Fisher Scientific
Cell Factory Thermo Fisher Scientific
Cell ID Promega Corp.
Cell Logic+ Labconco
Cell Optimizer System Wheaton Inc.
Cell Spinbar Bel-Art Products
Cell-Chex Streck Laboratories
CELL-DYN Abbott Labs
Cell-Fixx Thermo Fisher Scientific
Cell-Safe ISC, Inc.
Cell-Tak Corning Life Sciences
CELL-VU Millennium Sciences Inc.
CellBIND Corning
CellECT CellECT Bio, Inc.
CellEnvironments BD (Becton, Dickinson and Company)
Cellform MP Biomedical
CellFree Thermo Fisher Scientific
CELLFREE T Cell Diagnostics, Inc.
cellgro Mediatech, Inc.
cellgro FREE Mediatech, Inc.
CELLine Integra Biosciences
CellInsight Thermo Fisher Scientific
CelljecT Thermo Fisher Scientific
Cellmatics Difco Laboratories
Cellmax Spectrum Laboratories
Cello-Grease Fisher Scientific
Cello-Seal Fisher Scientific
CELLocate Eppendorf AG
Cellosolve Union Carbide
CellOx WTW Measurement Systems
CellProbe Beckman Coulter
CELLPURE Fisher Scientific
CellScreen Innovatis GmbH Corp.
CellSheet Texas Instruments
CellSTACK Corning
Cellstripper Mediatech, Inc.
CellTiter 96 Promega Corp.
CellTiter-Blue Promega Corp.
CellTiter-Fluor Promega Corp.
CellTiter-Glo Promega Corp.
CelluACE Promega Corp.
Cellvation MP Biomedicals
CellXVivo R&D Systems
Celsis Celsis International
Celstir Wheaton Inc.
Cemotec Foss A/S
Cen-Slide Davstar Industries
Cent-O-Gram Ohaus Corp.
Centaurus Thermo Fisher Scientific
Centipede Thermo Fisher Scientific
Centocor Centocor Products
Centra Thermo Fisher Scientific
Centrac Thermo Fisher Scientific
Centrex Whatman International, Ltd.
Centricon Millipore Corp.
Centrific Fisher Scientific
Centrifichem Union Carbide
Centriflo Millipore Corp.
Centrifree Millipore Corp.
Centrilutor Millipore Corp.
Centriplus Millipore Corp.
Centriprep Millipore Corp.
Centrisart Sartorius
CentriStar Corning
CentriVap Labconco
CentriZap Labconco
Centronics Genicom Corp.
Centura Justrite Mfg. Co.
Centura Applied Materials, Inc.
Centurion ForceOne
Centurion AOSafety
CEP Abbott Labs
Cepheid Cepheid Corporation
CeramTek Secure Medical, Inc.
CERTI-CAL Thermo Fisher Scientific
Certified AlphaProTech
Certified I-Chem
Certomat Sartorius
CERTOMAT Sartorius
Cervex-Brush Rovers Medical Devices
CES Thermo Fisher Scientific
CFLP Third Wave Technologies, Inc.
CFR-1 North Safety Products
CFUrine Kit Thermo Fisher Scientific
CGT-1 Micronova Manufacturing
Challenge Medical Analysis Systems
Chamber Brite Tuttnauer USA
Chamber Slide Thermo Fisher Scientific
ChamberGard Millipore Corp.
Chameleon Owl Separation Systems
Chameleon Cooler Chameleon Cooler Products
Champ Ohaus Corp.
Checker Hanna Instruments
CheckIT LogIT
CheckMate Promega Corp.
Checktemp Hanna Instruments
ChekMite Corning
Chekstix Bayer Corp.
Chem Master Best Mfg.
Chem-Cap Chemglass
Chem-Chex Streck Laboratories
Chem-Stir Chemglass
Chem-Tape Kappler USA
Chem-Tech Chem-Tech Consultants, Inc.
Chemagic Chemagen AG
ChemAlert Fisher Scientific
ChemCor Justrite Mfg. Co.
Chemdraw CambridgeSoft
CHEMetrics CHEMetrics Inc.
Chemetron Chemetron Fire Systems
Chemetron Fire Systems Chemetron Fire Systems
Chemets CHEMetrics Inc.
ChemExpress Fisher Scientific
ChemFinder CambridgeSoft
ChemFinder WebServer CambridgeSoft
Chemfluor Saint-Gobain Performance Plastics
Chemgard Millipore Corp.
Chemgard MSA
Chemglass Chemglass
Chemi-Pro Ansell
Chemi-Scraper Fisher Scientific
Chemicon Chemicon International, Inc.
ChemiGlow Alpha Innotech Corporation
ChemiImager Alpha Innotech Corporation
Chemilucent Millipore Corporation
ChemInfo CambridgeSoft
Chemitest Thermo Fisher Scientific
Chemizorb The Merck Group
ChemLab Monogram Models, Inc.
Chemline Chemline Plastics Limited
Chemo Bio-Wipe Bag DT Labs/Bio-Protective Products, Inc
ChemOffice CambridgeSoft
ChemoSafety Covidien (Kendall Healthcare)
Chempath Questel Orbit
Chemplates Lab-Aids, Inc.
ChemPly MAPA Pioneer Corporation
Chemraz Greene, Tweed &Co.
ChemSaver Brinkmann Instruments
ChemSlime Monogram Models, Inc.
Chemsoft CE North Safety Products
Chemstar Welch Vacuum
Chemstat Chemax, Inc.
ChemStation Agilent Technologies, Inc.
Chemstrip Roche Diagnostics
Chemstripbg Boehringer Mannheim
Chemsurf Wilsonart International
ChemSW ChemSW, Inc.
ChemTek Ansell
Chemtex Onguard
ChemthreeD CambridgeSoft
ChemTrace Fisher Scientific
chemTRAK Thermo Fisher Scientific
Chemulation Interactive Science
Chemware Saint-Gobain Performance Plastics
ChemZoil Mapa Pioneer
Chevrolet General Motors Corp.
Chevron Plus Tingley Rubber Corporation
Chex-All Propper Manufacturing
Chick-Hut T&S Educational Inc
Chief Elkhart Brass
Chill-Its Ergodyne Corporation
Chime MDL Information Systems
Chinon Toyobo Co., LTD.
ChipReader Virtek Vision Corp.
ChipShot Promega Corp.
Chipstrate Thermo Fisher Scientific
Chirasil-Val Alltech Associates
ChiroTech ChiroTech Technology Ltd.
Chlamydiapak Medical Packaging Corp.
ChloraPrep Medi-Flex Hospital Products, Inc.
Chloroflex Best Mfg.
Chloromycetin Warner-Lambert Co.
CHO-1 BioWhittaker Molecular Applications
ChoiceCoat Thermo Fisher Scientific
CholeSite Stanbio/GDS Technology
Cholestech GDX Cholestech Corporation
Cholestech LDX Cholestech Corporation
Chore The Original Muck Boot Company
Chrom-Card Thermo Fisher Scientific
Chrom-Quest Thermo Fisher Scientific
Chroma-Glo Promega Corp.
Chroma-Luc Promega Corp.
Chromachem Thermo Fisher Scientific
Chromafix Macherey-Nagel
Chromaflex Kimble Kontes
CHROMagar Alain Rambach
ChromAir K & M Environmental
Chromato-Cabinet Ultra Violet Products Inc.
Chromato-Vue Ultra Violet Products Inc.
Chromatotank General Glassblowing Co.
ChromaVer Hach Co.
Chromaview Richard-Allan Scientific Co.
Chrome Google Inc.
Chromel Hoskins Manufacturing
Chromeleon Thermo Fisher Scientific
Chromerge Bel-Art Products
ChromoMax Fisher BioReagents
Chromosorb Johns-Manville Corp.
ChromoSphere Thermo Fisher Scientific
Chrompack Chrompack, Inc.
ChromSword Dr. Sergey Galushko Software Entwicklung
Chromware Lab Glass
ChronTrol Lindburg Enterprises
Chums Chums Limited
Cibacron Ciba Specialty Chemicals
Cide-Swipes Lab Products, Inc.
CiDecon Decon Laboratories
CiDehol Decon Laboratories
Cidex Johnson & Johnson
Cidex Formula 7 Johnson & Johnson
CIDTec Thermo Fisher Scientific
Cimarec Thermo Fisher Scientific
Ciphergen Ciphergen Biosystems, Inc.
Circle Cell Thermo Fisher Scientific
CIS Chemical Inventory System ChemSW, Inc.
CISA Thermo Fisher Scientific
CISPro ChemSW, Inc.
Cit/Rham Thermo Fisher Scientific
Citadel Thermo Fisher Scientific
Citrad Decon Laboratories
Citrajet Alconox
Citranox Alconox
CitriSolv Decon Laboratories
Civic Honda Motor Co., Ltd.
CL-X Posure Thermo Fisher Scientific
CL-XPosure Thermo Fisher Scientific
CLAMP DESIGN Millipore Corp.
Clarifier Thermo Fisher Scientific
Clarino Kuraray Co., Ltd.
Claritas PPT SPEX CertiPrep
Clarity Howard Leight
Clarity BioTek
Clarity Thermo Fisher Scientific
Clarus Perkin Elmer, Inc.
CLASS-VP Shimadzu
Classic PGI, Inc.
Classic Aearo Technologies
Classic Uvex Safety
Classics MAPA Pioneer Corporation
ClassMate Labconco
Classroom of the Future NASA
Clavies Bel-Art Products
Clay Adams BD (Becton, Dickinson and Company)
Clean-Class CT International
CleaN-DEX Best Mfg.
Clean-Gear II Georgia Steel and Chemical
Clean-Sweep Labconco
Clean-Trace Biotrace Ltd.
Clean-Walk 3M
Cleanaprep MP Biomedicals
CleanCotton Texwipe
CleanFoam Texwipe
CleanGel GE Healthcare
Cleangrip North Safety Products
CleanGuard Ansul, Inc.
Cleanlet Gainor Medical
CleanLiNE PortaFab
CleanNet W. L. Gore and Associates
CleaNotes Berkshire Corp.
CleanPak Texwipe
CleanPak Wheaton Inc.
Cleanroomscrubbers Coventry
CleanSheets Thermo Fisher Scientific
CleanStep ITW ALMA
CleanStride ITW ALMA
CleanTeam Protective Industrial Products
CleanTips Texwipe
Cleanware Bel-Art Products
CleanWIPE Foamex Asia Co., Ltd.
Clear GFS Chemicals
Clear Uvex Safety
Clear Seal Wheaton Inc.
Clear-Rite Thermo Fisher Scientific
Clear-Spin Seward Medical
Clearboys Thermo Fisher Scientific
ClearCommand MSA
ClearCRIT Separation Technology, Inc.
ClearImage Precision Dynamics Corporation
ClearPro The Specialty Packaging Group
ClearSeal Wheaton Inc.
Clearview Alere
Clearview AccTech
ClearVue Thermo Fisher Scientific
Cleavase Third Wave Technologies, Inc.
Clemens Industries Clemens Industries
Clever Catch Hubbard Scientific
Clever Clock Learning Resources, Inc.
Click-it Molecular Probes Inc. (Life Technologies Corp.)
Click-to-Fit H.L. Bouton
ClickClamps Millipore Corp.
ClickSeal Thermo Fisher Scientific
Cliniplate Thermo Fisher Scientific
CliniShield Stockhausen GmbH & Co.
Clinistix Bayer Corp.
Clinitek Siemens Healthcare Diagnostics
Clinitek Atlas Bayer Corp.
Clinitek Status Siemens Healthcare Diagnostics
Clinitrol Advanced Instruments, Inc.
ClinkerQuant Thermo Fisher Scientific
ClinSpec Thermo Fisher Scientific
Clip-It Timer Control Co.
ClipArt CambridgeSoft
ClipperMop ITW Texwipe
CLIPR Molecular Devices Corp.
ClonCapture Clontech Laboratories, Inc.
Clone Z USA Scientific, Inc.
CloneJet Thermo Fisher Scientific
CloneSaver Whatman Inc.
Clontech Clontech Laboratories, Inc.
Clorox The Clorox Company
CLV-100 Oak Technical Inc.
cMaster Eppendorf AG
CMD Thermo Fisher Scientific
CMMS Thermo Fisher Scientific
CMS Draegerwerk AG
CMT Corning
CMT-GAPS Corning
CMVscan BD (Becton, Dickinson and Company)
CNET-1500 Thermo Fisher Scientific
Co-Flex Andover Coated Products
CO2Gen Oxoid Inc.
Coach Johnson & Johnson
Coag-a-mate Organon Teknika B.V.
CoagSpin StatSpin Technologies, Inc.
CoaguChek Roche Diagnostics
Coagulyzer Sherwood Medical
Coaxial Genetronics, Inc.
Coban 3M
Cobas Roche
COBAS AMPLICOR Roche Diagnostics
COBAS BIO Roche Diagnostics
COBAS FARA Roche Diagnostics
COBAS INTEGRA Roche Diagnostics
COBAS MIRA Roche Diagnostics
CoBRA Defense Group Inc.
Cobra MAPA Pioneer Corporation
Code Summary Physio-Control Corporation
Code20 New England Biolabs
CodeBreaker Promega Corp.
Codeon Bio Tek Solutions, Inc.
CodeSoft CodeSoft International, Inc.
codestat Physio-Control Corporation
Col-Erase Sanford Corp.
Cold Comfort 3M
Cold Stop Eppendorf AG
Cold-A-Rest North Safety Products
Cole-Parmer Cole-Parmer Instrument Co.
Coleco Coleco Industries
ColecoVision Coleco Industries
Coleman The Coleman Co.
Coli-Count Millipore Corp.
Coli-Firm Millipore Corp.
Colilert Idexx Laboratories, Inc.
ColiSure Millipore Corp.
Colitag CPI International
Collaborative BD (Becton, Dickinson and Company)
Collect-tainer Maxxim Medical
Collection Crews, Inc.
Collection Protection LifeSecure Emergency Solutions
Collector Thermo Fisher Scientific
Collector Bel-Art Products
College Mettler Toledo
Collegiate Brinkmann Instruments
ColoCARE Helena Laboratories Corp.
Color Slide Thermo Fisher Scientific
Color Touch Microflex Medical
Color-Trak Meridian Diagnostics
Colorband National Scientific Co.
ColorCard Wampole Laboratories
ColorCoded American Hospital Supply Corporation
Colorex Alain Rambach
ColorFlex Oberon
ColorFrost Thermo Fisher Scientific
Colormark Thermo Fisher Scientific
ColorMeRanger Thermo Fisher Scientific
ColorPAC BD (Becton, Dickinson and Company)
colorpHast The Merck Group
ColorSeal Thermo Fisher Scientific
ColorShot Polaroid
ColorSmart Labconco
Colorspot Thermo Fisher Scientific
Colorware Kimble Kontes
ColoScreen Helena Laboratories Corp.
Columbia Sportswear Company Columbia Sportswear Company
Com-fit AB North Safety Products
Combi-Box Fisher Scientific
Combi-Pal CTC/Leap Technologies
Combi-Rack Simport Plastics
Combiplate Thermo Fisher Scientific
Combisart Sartorius
CombiScreen YMC, Co. Ltd.
Combistix Bayer Corp.
Combitips Eppendorf AG
Combitips Advanced Eppendorf AG
Combitips Plus Eppendorf AG
Combitube Eppendorf AG
Comfo MSA
Comfo Classic MSA
Comfo Elite MSA
Comfo-Cap MSA
Comfort Bilsom
Comfort Cardinal Health
Comfort Curve Roche Diagnostics
Comfort Deck Tennessee Mat Company, Inc.
Comfort Grip Microflex Corporation
Comfort Pro WearWell
Comfort Seal Trudell Medical International
Comfort-Brite Tingley Rubber Corporation
Comfort-Coated American Safety Razor Co.
Comfort2Go WearWell
Comfortcurve QRP, Inc.
ComforTech AlphaProTech
ComfortMask Texwipe
Comfortouch Bulwark
CommandAir E.D. Bullard
Commander E. I. DuPont de Nemours Co.
Commander Mar Mac
Commassie Plus Thermo Fisher Scientific
COMP-U-DIFF Modulus Data Systems
Compac Fisher Scientific
Compact Ohaus Corp.
Compact Air North Safety Products
CompactDigital Caframo Ltd.
CompactFlash SanDisk Corporation
Companion TSI Incorporated
Compaq Compaq Computer Corporation
Compass Applied Materials, Inc.
Compat-Able Thermo Fisher Scientific
Complate Lab-Tek Plastics Co.
COMPLETE Roche Diagnostics
Compuflow Alnor Instrument Co.
Compulab Thermo Fisher Scientific
CompX CompX Security Products
Con-Space Con-Space Communications
CON-Trate Meridian Bioscience
Con-Trol Precision Systems
Conbase Earmark Inc.
Concept Thermo Fisher Scientific
Concert Life Technologies, Inc.
Concertainer Thermo Fisher Scientific
Concise Pacific Biotech, Inc.
Conciseplus Pacific Biotech, Inc.
Confidence Plus MSA
Confidence Solution YSI Inc.
ConFlat Varian, Inc.
Conflikt Decon Laboratories
ConFlo IV Thermo Fisher Scientific
Conform Aearo Technologies
Conform Ansell
Conkit Earmark Inc.
Connectables Carson Optical
Connex Agilent Technologies, Inc.
Consort BD (Becton, Dickinson and Company)
Constix Contec Inc.
Consul-Mount Thermo Fisher Scientific
Contain-Air Labconco
Contec Contec Inc.
Contec, Inc. Kappa
Contemporary H.L. Bouton
Continuum Thermo Fisher Scientific
CONTOUR Bayer HealthCare
Contrad Decon Laboratories
Contrast Genzyme Corporation
Contrex Decon Laboratories
Control Wheaton Inc.
Control Tower Wheaton Inc.
ControlMate Thermo Fisher Scientific
Convac FSI International, Inc.
Converse All Star Converse, Inc.
Cool Blue Ones American Allsafe Co.
Cool Flow 3M
Cool Pak Fisher Scientific
Cool Stir Bel-Art Products
Cool-Box Air Systems International
Cool-Guard E.I. duPont de Nemours
Cool-Touch UVP
CoolBigPrep MP Biomedicals
CoolIt Control Co.
Coollab Thermo Fisher Scientific
CoolMax E.I. duPont de Nemours
coolspec Bacou-Dalloz
CoolZone Labconco
Coomassie Dystar Textilfarben GmbH and Co.
Coomassie Plus Thermo Fisher Scientific
Coors Adolph Coors Company
CoorsTek CoorsTek, Inc.
Copabanana Alpha Shirt Co., Inc.
Copeland Copeland Corporation
COPOLM Minuteman International
Cordonator Eagle Manufacturing
Cordura E.I. duPont de Nemours
Core Performance Work Wear Ergodyne Corporation
CoreHTS PanVera Corp.
Corex Corning
Corning Corning
Cornwall BD (Becton, Dickinson and Company)
Corona Thermo Fisher Scientific
Corporate Express Corporate Express, Inc.
Correct-Touch CT International
CorrecTension Orion
Cortex Biochem Cortex Biochem, Inc.
Corticool Tec Laboratories
Corvac Covidien AG
Corystein TaKaRa Shuzo Co.
Costar Corning
Cottontail Citmed Corporation
CoulArray Thermo Fisher Scientific
Coulochem Thermo Fisher Scientific
Couloscan Thermo Fisher Scientific
Coulter Beckman Coulter Inc.
COULTER COUNTER Beckman Electronics
COULTERCLENZ Coulter International Corp.
Count-Cal Thermo Fisher Scientific
Countoff NEN Research Products
CovaLink Thermo Fisher Scientific
Coventry Chemtronics
Coverage Steris Corp.
Coverage Plus Steris Corp.
Coverage Plus NPD Steris Corp.
Coverglass for Growth Thermo Fisher Scientific
Covering Force American Allsafe Co.
Coverlet Beiersdorf Aktienge-Sellschaft
CP-Achromat Carl Zeiss
CP100 Cardinal Health
CPC Colder Products Company
CPF E.I. duPont de Nemours
CPRotector Certified Safety
CPRotector 2000 Certified Safety
CQCS Cyberscience Corporation
CR Classic Kimberly-Clark Corp.
CR10 Cardinal Health
CR100 Cardinal Health
CR100 PC Micronova Manufacturing
Crayola Binney & Smith Properties, Inc.
Creamatocrit Plus Separation Technology, Inc.
Creative Color Cubes Learning Resources, Inc.
CREW Kimberly-Clark Corp.
Crews Crews, Inc.
cricket Bacou-Dalloz
Cricket MSA
Crimpmaster Wheaton Inc.
Criterion Bio-Rad Corporation
Critical Safeskin Corp.
Critical Cover AlphaProTech
CritiCap Pall Corporation
Criticlean E.I. duPont de Nemours
Critispin StatSpin Technologies, Inc.
Critocaps Sherwood Medical
Critoseal Sherwood Medical
CritSpin StatSpin Technologies, Inc.
Crossbond Restek Corporation
CrossCheck Ultra Scientific Inc.
CrossTech W.L. Gore & Associates
CrosstechEms W.L. Gore & Associates
Crouse-Hinds Cooper Industries Inc.
Crown Victoria Ford Motor Company
Cruachem Cruachem
Cruiser Willson
Crusader Ansell
Crushtube Texwipe
Cruzer SanDisk Corporation
CRV Minuteman International
Cryette Precision Systems
Cryette A Precision Systems
Cryette WR Precision Systems
Cryo-Apron Tempshield Inc.
Cryo-Gloves Tempshield Inc.
Cryo-Safe Bel-Art Products
cryo-secure ii USA Scientific, Inc.
CryoBox Thermo Fisher Scientific
CryoBoxes Thermo Fisher Scientific
CryoCane Thermo Fisher Scientific
Cryochrome Thermo Fisher Scientific
CryoClaw Thermo Fisher Scientific
CryoCode Thermo Fisher Scientific
CryoColor Nunc
Cryocool Thermo Fisher Scientific
CryoELITE Wheaton
CryoFILE Wheaton
CryoFILE XL Wheaton
CryoFlex Thermo Fisher Scientific
CryoLatch Thermo Fisher Scientific
CryoLine Nunc
CryoMatrix Thermo Fisher Scientific
CryoMed Thermo Fisher Scientific
CryoPen Nunc
CryoPlus Thermo Fisher Scientific
CryoQuot Nunc
CryoSecure Thermo Fisher Scientific
CryoSleeve Thermo Fisher Scientific
CryoStar Thermo Fisher Scientific
CryoStore Nalge Nunc International
Cryotome Thermo Fisher Scientific
CryoTube Thermo Fisher Scientific
Cryovault Thermo Fisher Scientific
Cryovial Simport Plastics
CrypTest Whatman Inc.
Crypto-LA Carter-Wallace Inc.
Crystal BD (Becton, Dickinson and Company)
Crystal/Mount Biomeda
CrystalEX Corning
Crystals Willson
CrystalSpec BD (Becton, Dickinson and Company)
CrystalVu Genlantis
Cryule Wheaton Inc.
CS-2 TimeMed Labeling Systems
CS-915 American Allsafe Co.
CSM E.I. duPont de Nemours
cSmartCal Mettler Toledo AG
CSPD Tropix, Inc.
CSRN Thermo Fisher Scientific
CSRS Thermo Fisher Scientific
CTA Medium BD (Becton, Dickinson and Company)
CTC CTC Analytics AG
CTI CT International
Cube 2ube Bel-Art Products
Cubee Thermo Fisher Scientific
Cubis Sartorius AG
Cubitainer Hedwin Corporation
CuffStrips Micronova Manufacturing
Cuisenaire Cuisenaire Company of America
Culex Bioanalytical Systems, Inc.
Culti-Loop Thermo Fisher Scientific
Cultispher Percell Biolytica AB Corporation
Cultured Plumber MP Biomedicals
CultureSwab Difco Laboratories
CultureSwab EZ BD (Becton, Dickinson and Company)
CultureSwab EZ II BD (Becton, Dickinson and Company)
CultureSwab Plus Difco Laboratories
Culturette BD (Becton, Dickinson and Company)
CULTURETTE EZ BD (Becton, Dickinson and Company)
CULTURETTE EZ II BD (Becton, Dickinson and Company)
Culturia Biosan Laboratories, Inc.
CulturTek Fisher Scientific
Cunningham Stoelting Company
Cupran Stockhausen GmbH & Co.
Curriculum Mastery Magnus Learning LLC
Curtain Gas AB SCIEX
Curtis Curtis Computer Products
Cush 'N Step Fisher Scientific
Custom 4500 MSA
Custom Air V MSA
CustomBlocks Maybridge Plc.
CustomSynth Maybridge Plc.
CUT Triangle Biomedical
Cuvettes Plus Harvard Apparatus
CV Steris Corp.
CVA Streck Laboratories
CVS2 MPS Acacia
CVU Thermo Fisher Scientific
CX Beckman Coulter
Cy Amersham Pharmacia Biotech UK Ltd.
Cy3 Direct GE Healthcare
Cy5 Thermo Fisher Scientific
Cy5 Direct GE Healthcare
Cyalume OmniGlow Corporation
CyaniVer Hach Co.
CyberEd CyberEd, Inc.
Cybersystem Pro-Trak
Cybi Cybio AG
CycleavePCR TaKaRa Shuzo Co.
CycleManager Eppendorf AG
Cycling Probe ID Biomedical Corp.
Cyclone Bacou-Dalloz
Cyclone Millipore Corp.
Cyclone Estes Industries
Cyclopore Whatman Inc.
Cyclotec Foss A/S
Cyclotene Dow Chemical
Cyco American Allsafe Co.
Cycolac General Electric Co.
CyDye GE Healthcare
CyeDye GE Healthcare
Cyfra211 Centocor Products
CyGEL Biostatus Limited
CyScribe GE Healthcare
Cyto-Cal Thermo Fisher Scientific
Cyto-Chex Streck Laboratories
CYTO-COMP Beckman Coulter
Cyto-Plex Thermo Fisher Scientific
Cyto-Stain Thermo Fisher Scientific
Cyto-Trol Beckman Coulter
Cytoclip Thermo Fisher Scientific
Cytocool Thermo Fisher Scientific
Cytofectin Genlantis
Cytofix/Cytoperm BD (Becton, Dickinson and Company)
Cytofluor PerSeptive Biosystems, Inc.
CytoFuge StatSpin Technologies, Inc.
Cytofunnel Thermo Fisher Scientific
Cytogen Cytogen Corporation
Cytomat Thermo Fisher Scientific
CytoPrep Fisher Scientific
Cytoquik Fisher Scientific
Cytorich Thermo Fisher Scientific
CytosALL Thermo Fisher Scientific
Cytoscint InterChem Enterprises
Cytoseal Thermo Fisher Scientific
Cytoslides Thermo Fisher Scientific
CytoSoft Medical Packaging Corp.
Cytospin Thermo Fisher Scientific
CytoStir Kimble Kontes
CytoTherm Kuzyk, Roman
CytoTox 96 Promega Corp.
CytoTox-Fluor Promega Corp.
CytoTox-Glo Promega Corp.
CytoTox-ONE Promega Corp.