Marque de commerce Titulaire de la marque
A Golden Guide Western Publishing Co., Inc.
A-Force Aearo Technologies
A-Plan Carl Zeiss
A-SMART Armstrong Medical
A-TAC Paulson Mfg. Corp.
A.C.T. Thermo Fisher Scientific
A.L.A. Disk Thermo Fisher Scientific
A.N.D. Post Medical, Inc.
A+ Thermo Fisher Scientific
A10 Millipore Corp.
A1C 2.2 Plus Tosoh Corporation
A1c-Cellular Streck Laboratories
A1cNOW Metrika
A2 Flag Biomerieux, Inc.
AAA-Certified Thermo Fisher Scientific
AAA-Direct Thermo Fisher Scientific
AAF-Glo Promega Corp.
AAMI Association for the Advancement of Medical Instrumentation
Abbe Graff/Ross Holdings
Abbott Abbott Labs
Abbottvision Abbott Labs
ABC Vial Wheaton Inc.
ABgene Thermo Fisher Scientific
ABI Applied Biosystems
ABI Prism Applied Biosystems
ABL Radiometer A/S Corporation
ABM Exide Electronics Corporation
ABO Blood Simutype Kemtec Educational Corp.
ABR-Affinity BioReagents Thermo Fisher Scientific
ABsolute Thermo Fisher Scientific
Absorbedge Elizabeth Webbing Mills
Absorbency Pockets Kimberly-Clark Corp.
Absorbond Texwipe
ABTS Boehringer Mannheim
ABX Pentra Horiba
AC Contec Inc.
Ac•T Beckman Coulter
Ac•T diff Beckman Coulter
Ac•T diff2 Beckman Coulter
ACA E.I. duPont de Nemours
aca Dade Behring Inc.
Acceava BioStar, Inc.
Accel Virox Technologies Inc.
ACCELA Thermo Fisher Scientific
Accent Thermo Fisher Scientific
Access Millipore Corp.
Access Kimberly-Clark Corp.
AccessQuick Promega Corp.
Acclaim Thermo Fisher Scientific
Accropet Bel-Art Products
ACCU-CHEK Boehringer Mannheim
accu-jet Brand GmbH & Co.
Accu-Sed Clinical Data, Inc.
Accu-Shield Accuform Signs
accu-Test Bioscience, Inc.
Accubond Agilent Technologies, Inc.
Accucal Thermo Fisher Scientific
accuCap Fisher Scientific
Accucore Thermo Fisher Scientific
accuFet Fisher Scientific
accuFlame Fisher Scientific
accuflex Fisher Scientific
accuFlow Fisher Scientific
Accuform Kimble Glass
AccuGENE Cambrex Corporation
Accugrip Microflex Medical
accumet Fisher Scientific
Accumetrics Accumetrics
accupHast Fisher Scientific
AccuPipette Genzyme Corporation
Accurate Accurate Chemical
Accuref Advanced Instruments, Inc.
accuro Draeger Safety
ACCURUN BBI Diagnostics, a SeraCare Company
ACCURUN 1 BBI Diagnostics, a SeraCare Company
accuSeries Fisher Scientific
accuSeries II Fisher Scientific
accuSpin Fisher Scientific
AccuStandard AccuStandard
Accutase MP Biomedicals
AccuTech Ansell
AccuTemp AccuTemp Products
AccuTrac Commonwealth Biotechnologies, Inc.
accuTupH Fisher Scientific
accuTupH+ Fisher Scientific
AccuVac Hach Co.
ACDF–MAb Thermo Fisher Scientific
Ace BD (Becton, Dickinson and Company)
ACE Advanced Chromatography Technologies
ACE AccuStandard
ACES Thermo Fisher Scientific
AcetaSite GDS Technology, Inc.
AcetatePlus GE Osmonics
AcetatePlus VP GE Osmonics
AcetatePlus VT GE Osmonics
Acetest Bayer Corp.
Achroplan Carl Zeiss
Achrostigmat Carl Zeiss
Acid Relief North Safety Products
Acidicase BD (Becton, Dickinson and Company)
AciTek Ansell
ACL Instrumentation Laboratory
aCOLyte Synoptics Limited
Acorn Cole-Parmer Instrument Co.
Acquest Molecular Devices Corp.
Acquire Mettler Toledo
Acquity Waters Corp.
ACQUITY UPLC Waters Corporation
Acro Pall Corporation
Acrobat Adobe Systems Incorporated
AcroCap Pall Corporation
Acrodisc Pall Corporation
Acros Fisher Scientific
Acros Organics Fisher Scientific
AcroSeal Fisher Scientific
Acrylgel MP Biomedicals
Actifresh Sanitized, Inc.
Activation-Assist BD (Becton, Dickinson and Company)
Active American Allsafe Co.
Active Aloe Aloecorp
Active Film ETP, Division SGE
Active Worksite Collection Willson
ActiveX Microsoft Corp.
ActiveZERO LabAlliance
ActivGrip TOWA Corporation
ActivityPack Sqwincher Corporation
Acuchrom Scientific Systems
Acucon Scientific Systems
Acuflow Scientific Systems
Acufluor Scientific Systems
Acuject Scientific Systems
Acura Socorex
Acurate Thermo Fisher Scientific
Acute-Kare Steris Corp.
Acutect Scientific Systems
Adams BD (Becton, Dickinson and Company)
ADAPTIV MAP Medizintechnik fur Arzt und Patient GmbH
AdapTorr Entegris
Adcuff ADC
Aden American Allsafe Co.
Adflo 3M
Adobe Adobe Systems Incorporated
Adogen Ashland Chemical
ADP220 Bellingham and Stanley
Adsorbosphere Alltech Associates
AdultaCheck Dade Behring Inc.
Advance Southern Mills
Advance E. I. DuPont de Nemours Co.
Advance MSA
Advance Tabco Kinplex Corporation
Advanced Advanced Instruments, Inc.
Advanced Placement Program College Entrance Examination Board
Advancer V-12 Eye Safety Systems
Advantage Heidolph Brinkmann
Advantage DBI/SALA
Advantage Clontech Laboratories, Inc.
Advantage Roche Diagnostics
Advantage MSA
Advantage BD (Becton, Dickinson and Company)
AdvanTip Hamilton Company
Advantix Maxxim Medical
Advent E.D. Bullard
Adventurer Ohaus Corp.
ADVIA Siemens Health Care Diagnostics
ADVIA Centaur Siemens Healthcare Diagnostics
Advil American Home Products
ADX Abbott Labs
Adzorbstar Davstar Industries
Aearo Aearo Technologies
AEK North Safety Products
Aer-O-Lite Kidde Fire Fighting
Aerius LI-COR Biosciences
Aero-Spacer Faytex Corp.
Aerocarrier Thermo Fisher Scientific
Aeron Flexfirm Products, Inc.
Aeroseal USA Scientific, Inc.
Aeroseal G USA Scientific, Inc.
Aeroshields Thermo Fisher Scientific
Aerosite Aearo Technologies
Aerosite Viewpoint Aearo Technologies
Aerosite Vista Aearo Technologies
Aerosol American Cyanamid
Aerosol Resistant Tips Molecular BioProducts
Aerosolv Justrite Mfg. Co.
Aerospray Wescor, Inc.
Aerostat Simco
Aerostat Guardian Simco
Aerostat PC Simco
Aerostatguardian Simco
Aerovent Justrite Mfg. Co.
Aeroxide Degussa
AES Thermo Fisher Scientific
AFB✓ Fisher Scientific
Affi-Gel Bio-Rad Corporation
Affinity MSA
Affinity BioReagents Affinity BioReagents, Inc
AffinityPak Thermo Fisher Scientific
Affirm BD (Becton, Dickinson and Company)
Affymetrix Affymetrix
Afina Aearo Technologies
Afrin Schering-Plough Corporation
AgarACE Promega Corp.
Agargel Continental Laboratory Products
AgarMatic New Brunswick Scientific
Agencourt Beckman Coulter, Inc.
Agilent Agilent Technologies, Inc.
Agilent Technologies Agilent Technologies, Inc.
Agri-Screen Response Equipment Company
Ahura Thermo Fisher Scientific
AIA Tosoh Corporation
AIA-NEX•IA Tosoh Corporation
AIA-PACK Tosoh Corporation
Air Cadet Cole-Parmer
Air Director CamelBak Products
Air Flex Safeguard Technologies
Air Kaddy Air Systems International Inc
Air Products Air Products
Air Systems Air Systems International
Air-Mate 3M
Air-Pak Scott Technologies
Air-Tex Neese Industries
Air-Wave Armotek Industries, Inc.
Air'It Control Co.
AirBelt Safeguard Technologies
AirBoss Draeger Safety
AirCon-2 Sensidyne Inc.
Airejector Fisher Scientific
Airfree Chemglass
Airhawk MSA
AIRLESS-WARE Kimble Kontes
AirLiner SMART Technologies Inc.
Airmaster Willson
AirPlus Implus Corp.
AirPore Qiagen
Airprene Airprene, LLC
Airscan AirScan Environmental Technologies, Inc.
AirSoft Bacou-Dalloz
Airspray Airspray International
Airstream 3M
AirTite Products Co., Inc.
Airvisor Willson
AK AK, Ltd.
Akrolite Akron Brass
Akron Brass Akron Brass
Akta GE Healthcare Bio-Sciences
Akton Action Products
alamarBlue Thermo Fisher Scientific
Albustix Bayer Corp.
Alcare Plus Steris Corp.
Alchemist Control Co.
Alco-Lite Aluminum Ladder Company
Alcojet Alconox
Alconox Alconox
AlcoSCRUB Thermo Fisher Scientific
Alcotabs Alconox
Alcotest Draeger Safety
Alcott National Scientific Co.
Aldex Isolyser, Inc.
Aldon Chemicals Innovating Science
Aldrich Sigma-Aldrich Co LLC
Alere Alere
Alert-1 E.D. Bullard
Alexa Fluor Molecular Probes, Inc.
Alexis Alexis Corp.
ALFexpress GE Healthcare
Alga-Gro Carolina Biological Supply Company
Algebra Tiles Learning Resources, Inc.
Alien H.L. Bouton
AlignLite Pelican Products
Aliquat Henkel Corp.
Alka-Seltzer Bayer Corp.
Alkacid Fisher Scientific
Alkaline Maximum Rayovac Corp.
Alkphos Direct GE Healthcare
All Risk DMS
All-Guard Alltech Associates
All-in-One Thermo Fisher Scientific
Allegra Beckman Coulter
Allegro Zymark Corp.
Alliance Lam Research Corporation
Allsafe American Allsafe Co.
Allsep Alltech Associates
Allsphere Alltech Associates
Alltech Alltech Associates
Alltech Alltech Associates
Alltech Flex-Connect Alltech Associates
Alltima Alltech Associates
Allure Restek Corporation
Allweld American Allsafe Co.
ALMA Illinois Tool Works, Inc.
ALMArk Alma, Inc.
Almega Thermo Fisher Scientific
Alnor Alnor Instrument Co.
Aloe Flex High Five
ALOHA National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration
Alpha ITW Texwipe
Alpha Willson
Alpha III Estes Industries
Alpha Scientific Alpha Scientific Corporation
Alpha-Q Millipore Corp.
AlphaAir AlphaProTech
alphaBond Alltech Associates
AlphaGuard AlphaProTech
AlphaLite Texwipe
AlphaMop Texwipe
AlphaProTech AlphaProTech
AlphaQuest Perkin Elmer
AlphaSat ITW Texwipe
AlphaScan Alpha Innotech Corporation
AlphaSorb Texwipe
AlphaWipe Texwipe
ALPS 300 Thermo Fisher Scientific
ALPS 3000 Thermo Fisher Scientific
ALTA-FLEX Alta Technologies, Inc.
Altay Altay Holding S.p.A.
Altex Beckman Coulter
Althane Althin Medical, Inc.
Altoids Kraft Jacobs Suchard Limited
Alundum Saint-Gobain Performance Plastics
Amara Kuraray Co., Ltd.
AMAX Destiny Trinity Biotech
AMAX Destiny Plus Trinity Biotech Inc.
Amberjet Rohm and Haas
Amberlyst Rohm and Haas
Ambi-dex Protective Industrial Products
Ambi-Thix PIP
Ambion Ambion, Inc.
Ambu Ambu International
AMCO AMCO Engineering Co.
AMCO AEPA-1 Advanced Polymer Systems
Amerex Amerex Corporation
American Allsafe American Allsafe Co.
American Red Cross American Red Cross
AmericanExpress American Express Company
Americanlock American Lock
Ameritech Ameritech Inc.
Amerlite Rohm and Haas
Amersham Nycomed Amersham International
Amex American Express Company
AMIA Biosite Diagnostics, Inc.
Amicon Millipore Corp.
Amigo Aearo Technologies
Amikin Bristol-Myers Squibb Co.
Aminex Bio-Rad Laboratories, Inc.
AminoLink Thermo Fisher Scientific
AminoPac Thermo Fisher Scientific
AminoTrap Thermo Fisher Scientific
AMMS Thermo Fisher Scientific
Amniotest PRO-LAB Diagnostics
Amojell Amoco Oil Company
Ampac Ampac Holdings LLC
Ampco Ampco Safety Tools
Amphibian Boekel Scientific
Amplate Simport Plastics
Amplex Molecular Probes Inc. (Life Technologies Corp.)
ampli Roche Molecular Systems, Inc.
Ampli-Y Thermo Fisher Scientific
Amplifluor Intergen Co.
AmpliTaq Roche Molecular Systems, Inc.
Amplitube Simport Plastics
Amplitude Contec Inc.
Ampulmatic Bioscience, Inc.
AMPure Beckman Coulter, Inc.
AmVer Hach Co.
AN1 Alltech Associates
Anachemia Anachemia
Anacin American Home Products
AnaeroGen Thermo Fisher Scientific
AnaeroJar Oxoid Inc.
AnaeroPack Mitsubishi Gas Chemical Company, Inc.
AnaeroPouch Mitsubishi Gas Chemical Company, Inc.
Anagrade Anatrace Inc.
Analyst LJL Biosystems
Anatel Anatel Corporation
ANATOC Anatel Corporation
AnchorChips Bruker Daltonics
Android Google Inc.
Anesthesia-Aid Air Systems International Inc
Angel Wing Sherwood Medical
AngLegs Learning Resources Inc.
Anheuser-Busch Anheuser-Busch, Inc.
Aniochrome BioWhittaker Molecular Applications
Anion Self-Regenerating Suppressor Thermo Fisher Scientific
Anodisc Whatman Inc.
Anopore Whatman Inc.
Anotop The Whatman Group
Ansell Ansell
ANSI American National Standards Institute
ANSUL Ansul, Inc.
Ansulite Ansul, Inc.
Answer Best Mfg.
Antaris Thermo Fisher Scientific
AnthroCurve MSA
Anti-ACTIVE Promega Corp.
Anti-Rednecker American Allsafe Co.
Anti-Static Oak Technical Inc.
Anti-Thio Invitrogen
Anti-Xpress Invitrogen
Antibody on Demand Thermo Fisher Scientific
Anticon Milliken and Company
Antigua Peter J. Dooley
ANYLITE Texas Instruments
Anywhere Gift Card, Inc.
AO 5 Star American Optical Corp.
AO 7 Star American Optical Corp.
AO Tuffmaster American Optical Corp.
AOAC AOAC International
AOC-14 Shimadzu
AOC-17 Shimadzu
AOC-20 Shimadzu
AOSafety Aearo Technologies
AP College Entrance Examination Board
AP2000 National Scientific Co.
APD2000 Smiths Detection
apex-ultra Bruker Daltonics
API Biomerieux, Inc.
Apiezon M&I Materials Ltd.
Aplus Thermo Fisher Scientific
Apo-ONE Promega Corp.
ApoAlert Clontech Laboratories, Inc.
ApoFluor MP Biomedicals
ApoLive-Glo Promega Corp.
Apollo H.L. Bouton
Apollo Akron Brass
ApopLadder Ex TaKaRa Shuzo Co.
ApoScreen Southern Biotechnology Associates
Apothecon Bristol-Myers Squibb Co.
Apotome Carl Zeiss Corporation
Apple Apple Computer
Applera Applera Corporation
Applied Biosystems Applied Biosystems
Applied Materials Applied Materials, Inc.
Applied Vision Ken-A-Vision Mfg. Co.
Aptura MSA
AQA Thermo Fisher Scientific
Aqua Phenomenex, Inc.
Aqua Foam Stearns
Aquabind Thermo Fisher Scientific
AquaChek Environmental Test Systems
AQUAfast Thermo Fisher Scientific
Aquafluor Turner Designs
AquaHol Micronova Manufacturing
Aqualine Fisher Scientific
Aqualockit NPS Corporation
Aquamate Thermo Fisher Scientific
AQUAMax Molecular Devices Corp.
Aquapore Perkin Elmer
AquaPrep Pall Corporation
AquaPrime Coventry
AquaPro R-Tech UENO
AquaPur Decon Laboratories
Aquaquant The Merck Group
Aquaress Deb Limited
AquaSil Thermo Fisher Scientific
AQUAsnap Thermo Fisher Scientific
Aquassure Packard Instrument Co.
AquaStar EMD Chemicals
AquaTrak AlphaProTech
Aquatrode Metrohm Ltd.
Aquet Emil Greiner Company
Aqui-Pak Therapak Corporation
AR Mallinckrodt
Aralite Southern Mills
Arashield Southern Mills
ARC Thermo Fisher Scientific
Arc Quencher Harvard Apparatus
ArchivePure 5 PRIME
ArcQuench Kaiser Systems, Inc.
ArcSafe Mine Safety Appliances Company
ArcSoft ArcSoft Inc
Arctic MSA
Arctic 2-n-1 Sport American Allsafe Co.
Arctic Blue Prime Wire
Arctic Express Thermo Fisher Scientific
Arcticice USA Scientific, Inc.
Arcticice H USA Scientific, Inc.
arcticice sps USA Scientific, Inc.
Argenthal Mettler Toledo
Argo Streamlight, Inc.
Argon Thermo Fisher Scientific
Argos Argos Technologies
Argos Technologies, Inc. Argos Technologies
ARIAS Leica Microsystems, Inc.
ARIS Thermo Fisher Scientific
AristaTek AristaTek
ARK Thermo Fisher Scientific
Arktik Thermo Fisher Scientific
ARL Thermo Fisher Scientific
ARL 3460 Thermo Fisher Scientific
ARL 3460 Advantage Thermo Fisher Scientific
ARL 4460 Thermo Fisher Scientific
ARL 990 X-ray WorkStation Thermo Fisher Scientific
ARL ADVANT'X Thermo Fisher Scientific
ARL OPTIM'X Thermo Fisher Scientific
ARL QUANT'X Thermo Fisher Scientific
ARL QUANTODESK Thermo Fisher Scientific
ARL QUANTRIS Thermo Fisher Scientific
Armor Tec Laboratories
Armor Holdings Armor Holdings, Inc.
ArmorCoat Protective Industrial Products
Armorflex Protective Industrial Products Inc
ArmorLite Protective Industrial Products
Armortex Nam Liong Enterprise
ArmorTuff Protective Industrial Products
Aroclor Monsanto Corporation
AROS Operon Biotechnologies, Inc.
Array Beckman Instruments
ArrayCote Thermo Fisher Scientific
ArrayScan Thermo Fisher Scientific
ArrayVision GE Healthcare
ARREST-IN Thermo Fisher Scientific
Arretil Stockhausen GmbH & Co.
ART Molecular BioProducts
Artel Artel, Inc.
Artic Express Thermo Fisher Scientific
AS Beckman Instruments
Ascarite Thomas Scientific
Ascarite II Thomas Scientific
ASCEND Biosite Diagnostics, Inc.
Ascensia Bayer HealthCare
Ascent Pitney Bowes
Ascentis Sigma-Aldrich Co.
ASE Thermo Fisher Scientific
ASHRAE American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air Conditioning Engineers Inc.
ASI-100 Thermo Fisher Scientific
ASI-100P Thermo Fisher Scientific
ASI-100PT Thermo Fisher Scientific
ASI-100T Thermo Fisher Scientific
ASM Thermo Fisher Scientific
ASPEC Gilson, Inc.
ASRN Thermo Fisher Scientific
ASRS Thermo Fisher Scientific
Assault Fire-Dex
AssayAssure Sierra Molecular Corporation.
ASSESS Instrumentation Laboratory
ASSET Thermo Fisher Scientific
Associated Bag Associated Bag Company
Assurance SPEX CertiPrep
Assure Hypoguard
AssuredAccuracy Thermo Fisher Scientific
AssureSwab BioControl Systems
ASTM American Society for Testing and Materials
Astopon Stockhausen GmbH & Co.
Astoria Astoria-Pacific International
Astoria Analyzer Astoria-Pacific International
Astound Cardinal Health
Astra Beckman Instruments
Astral Bio Plas Inc.
Astro Motorola
Astro OTG Bacou-Dalloz
AstroBlaster Edmund Scientific
Astronomy Village Wheeling Jesuit University
Astrospec Bacou-Dalloz
Astrospec 3000 Bacou-Dalloz
AstroTrack Orion
AstroTurf Monsanto
AT Alltech Associates
AT-1Ms Alltech Associates
At-Speed Thermo Fisher Scientific
At-Start Thermo Fisher Scientific
AT&T AT&T Corporation
ATAC Bio-Chem Laboratory Systems, Inc.
ATAC-PAK Elan Diagnostics
ATAC-PAK Bio-Chem Laboratory Systems, Inc.
Atari Atari Corporation
ATCC American Type Culture Collection
AtheNA Multi-Lyte Zeus Scientific, Inc.
Atlantis Waters Corporation
Atlas Thermo Fisher Scientific
Atlas Clontech Laboratories, Inc.
Atlas Orion
Atlas Fit Perfect Fit Glove Co.
Atlus Thermo Fisher Scientific
AtmosPure Labconco
AtomComp Thermo Fisher Scientific
ATOMM Fuji Photo Film
ATP1 Triangle Biomedical
ATPP Bacou-Dalloz
AtroPen Potter Pharmaceutical Corporation
Attach-A-Mag Carson Optical
Attack Pac Sorbent Products Co., Inc.
AttoPhos Promega Corp.
AU1000 Olympus America Inc.
AU2700 Beckman Coulter Inc.
AU400 Olympus America Inc.
AU400e Beckman Coulter Inc.
AU5400 Beckman Coulter Inc.
AU600 Olympus America Inc.
AU640 Olympus America Inc.
AU640e Beckman Coulter Inc.
Audi-Larm MSA
Audio Guard Rubbermaid
Audio Visual Alert System Glendale Protective Technologies
Aura Misonix, Inc.
Aura Carson Optical
Aurora MP Biomedicals
AUTO CRIB-IT Power Hawk Technologies, Inc.
AUTO DISPENSER Thermo Fisher Scientific
Auto OnGuard Thermo Fisher Scientific
AUTO-CAL Thermo Fisher Scientific
Auto-Cradle FSI North America
Auto-ID Thermo Fisher Scientific
AUTO-LOCK Thermo Fisher Scientific
AUTO-LOG Thermo Fisher Scientific
Auto-Pow MP Biomedicals
Auto-Read Thermo Fisher Scientific
Auto-Sep SGE
Auto-Stir Thermo Fisher Scientific
Auto-Test Thermo Fisher Scientific
AutoAnalyzer Technicon Instruments
AutoASE Thermo Fisher Scientific
AUTOASSAY Giles Scientific
Autoclean Benzing Technologies, Inc.
Autoclip BD (Becton, Dickinson and Company)
Autoclix Boehringer Mannheim
Autoetch Lam Research Corporation
autoflex Bruker Daltonics
AutoGenesys AutoGen
AutoLead Imaging Research
Autolet Owen Mumford Ltd.
AutoMATE Thermo Fisher Scientific
Automatic Power Down Texas Instruments
Automation Certified Zymark Corp.
Automerse Fisher Scientific
AutoNeutralization Thermo Fisher Scientific
Autopack Pall Corporation
AutoPILOT Thermo Fisher Scientific
AutoPrime BioTek
Autoprime Scientific Systems
AutoPurification Waters Corporation
AutoQ Thermo Fisher Scientific
Autoread QBC Diagnostics
AutoRegen Thermo Fisher Scientific
AutoRinse BioTek
AutoSash Thermo Fisher Scientific
AutoSelect Thermo Fisher Scientific
AutoSentry Scotsman Ice Systems
AutoSeq GE Healthcare
Autostar Meade Instruments Corp.
AUTOSTAT Hycor Biomedical
AutoSuppression Thermo Fisher Scientific
Autosystem Perkin Elmer
Autotechnicon Technicon Instruments
AutoTrace Thermo Fisher Scientific
AUTOUA Sciteck Diagnostics, Inc.
Autovial Whatman Inc.
AV-2000 Scott Technologies
AV-3000 Scott Technologies
AV-Hood Scott Technologies
AV-NBC Shroud Scott Technologies
Avanti Beckman Coulter
Avelox Bayer Aktienge-Sellschaft
AVG Valeo, Inc.
Aviator H.L. Bouton
AVL Roche Diagnostics
Axia American Allsafe Co.
Axima Shimadzu
AXIMA-QIT Shimadzu Biotech
Axio Carl Zeiss
AxioCam Carl Zeiss Corporation
Axiom 36 Thermo Fisher Scientific
Axiom PTS Thermo Fisher Scientific
Axion MSR Haws Corporation
Axioskop Carl Zeiss
Axiostar Carl Zeiss
Axiovert Carl Zeiss
AxioVision Carl Zeiss
AxSYM Abbott Labs
Azlon Dynalab Corporation
Azostix Miles Laboratories, Inc.